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# Windcentrale Binding

This Binding is used to display the details of Windcentrale windmills.

# Supported Things

The binding supports the following Windcentrale Things:

Thing Type Description
account An account for using the Windcentrale API
windmill Windcentrale Windmill

# Discovery

After creating an account Thing the Binding can discover windmills based on the participations linked to the account.

# Binding Configuration

No binding configuration required.

# Thing Configuration

# Account

Configuration Parameter Required
username X
password X

# Windmill

Configuration Parameter Required Default Description
name X De Blauwe Reiger Identifies the windmill (see names list below)
shares 1 Number of wind shares ("Winddelen")
refreshInterval 30 Refresh interval for refreshing the data in seconds

The following windmill names are supported:

  • De Blauwe Reiger
  • De Boerenzwaluw
  • De Bonte Hen
  • De Grote Geert
  • De Jonge Held
  • De Ranke Zwaan
  • De Trouwe Wachter
  • De Vier Winden
  • De Witte Juffer
  • Het Rode Hert
  • Het Vliegend Hert

# Channels

Channel ID Item Type Description
energy-total Number:Energy Total energy this year
power-relative Number:Dimensionless Relative power
power-shares Number:Power Power provided for your wind shares
power-total Number:Power Total power
run-percentage Number:Dimensionless Run percentage this year
run-time Number:Time Run time this year
timestamp DateTime Timestamp of the last update
wind-direction String Current wind direction
wind-speed Number Measured current wind speed (Bft)

# Example

# demo.things

Bridge windcentrale:account:demo-account [ username="[email protected]", password="Mf!BU45LTF6X2Cf36zxt" ] {
    Thing windmill    de-grote-geert      [ name="De Grote Geert" ]
    Thing windmill    de-blauwe-reiger    [ name="De Blauwe Reiger", shares=3, refreshInterval=60 ]

# demo.items

Group                 gReiger                "Windcentrale Reiger"

Number                ReigerWindSpeed        "Wind speed [%d Bft]"                  (gReiger) { channel="windcentrale:windmill:demo-account:de-blauwe-reiger:wind-speed" }
String                ReigerWindDirection    "Wind direction [%s]"                  (gReiger) { channel="windcentrale:windmill:demo-account:de-blauwe-reiger:wind-direction" }
Number:Power          ReigerPowerTotal       "Total windmill power [%.1f %unit%]"   (gReiger) { channel="windcentrale:windmill:demo-account:de-blauwe-reiger:power-total" }
Number:Power          ReigerPowerShares      "Wind shares power [%.1f %unit%]"      (gReiger) { channel="windcentrale:windmill:demo-account:de-blauwe-reiger:power-shares" }
Number:Dimensionless  ReigerPowerRelative    "Relative power [%.1f %unit%]"         (gReiger) { channel="windcentrale:windmill:demo-account:de-blauwe-reiger:power-relative" }
Number:Energy         ReigerEnergyTotal      "Total windmill energy [%.0f %unit%]"  (gReiger) { channel="windcentrale:windmill:demo-account:de-blauwe-reiger:energy-total" }
Number:Dimensionless  ReigerRunPercentage    "Run percentage [%.1f %unit%]"         (gReiger) { channel="windcentrale:windmill:demo-account:de-blauwe-reiger:run-percentage" }
Number:Time           ReigerRunTime          "Run time [%.0f %unit%]"               (gReiger) { channel="windcentrale:windmill:demo-account:de-blauwe-reiger:run-time" }
DateTime              ReigerTimestamp        "Update timestamp [%1$ta %1$tR]"       (gReiger) { channel="windcentrale:windmill:demo-account:de-blauwe-reiger:timestamp" }