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# Synop Analyzer Binding

This binding integrates the possibility to download and interpret Synop messages.

# Binding Configuration

The binding has no configuration options itself, all configuration is done at 'Things' level.

# Supported Things

There is exactly one supported thing, which represents a Synop message. It has the id synopanalyzer.

# Discovery

If a system location is set, the nearest available Synop station be automatically discovered for this location. The search radius will expand at each successive scan.

# Thing Configuration

Besides the Synop Station Number (as synopID as a StationID (opens new window) string), the second configuration parameter is refreshInterval which defines the refresh interval in minutes. Synop message are typically updated every hour.

# Channels

The weather information that is retrieved is available as these channels:

Channel Type ID Item Type Description
temperature Number:Temperature Current outdoor temperature
pressure Number:Pressure Current pressure
wind-speed Number:Speed Current wind speed
wind-speed-beaufort Number Wind speed according to Beaufort scale
wind-angle Number:Angle Current wind direction
wind-direction String Wind direction
overcast String Appreciation of the cloud cover
octa Number Part of the sky covered by clouds (in 8th)
attenuation-factor* Number Cloud layer attenuation factor
time-utc DateTime Observation time of the Synop message
horizontal-visibility String Horizontal visibility range
  • ”cloud attenuation factor” (Kc) as defined by Kasten and Czeplak (1980)

# Example

# Things

Here is an example of thing definition :

synopanalyzer:synopanalyzer:orly [ stationId=7149 ]

# Items

Number Synop_Temperature "Temperature [%.1f °C]" <temperature> { channel = "synopanalyzer:synopanalyzer:trappes:temperature" }
Number Synop_Pressure "Pressure [%.1f mb]" <pressure> { channel = "synopanalyzer:synopanalyzer:trappes:pressure" }
Number Synop_Wind_Angle "Wind Angle [%d°]" <wind>     { channel = "synopanalyzer:synopanalyzer:trappes:wind-angle"}
String Synop_Wind_Direction "Direction [%s]" { channel = "synopanalyzer:synopanalyzer:trappes:wind-direction"}
Number Synop_Wind_Speed "Wind Speed [%.2f m/s]" <wind> { channel = "synopanalyzer:synopanalyzer:trappes:wind-speed-ms"}
Number Synop_Octa "Octa [%d]/8" { channel = "synopanalyzer:synopanalyzer:trappes:octa"}
DateTime Synop_time  "Observation Time [%1$ta %1$tR]"        <clock>   { channel = "synopanalyzer:synopanalyzer:trappes:time-utc"}