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# OpenTherm Gateway Binding

This binding is used to integrate the OpenTherm Gateway into openHAB. The OpenTherm Gateway is a module designed by Schelte Bron that can be connected to units that support communication using the OpenTherm protocol, such as boiler or ventilation / heat recovery unit.

More information on the OpenTherm Gateway device can be found at (opens new window)

# Discovery

The binding does not support auto discovery.

# Binding Configuration

The binding does not require any configuration.

# Supported Things

The OpenTherm Gateway binding supports three Things:

  • openthermgateway which is the bridge that handles communication with the OpenTherm Gateway device.
  • boiler which represents a central heating boiler unit.
  • ventilationheatrecovery which represents a ventilation / heat recovery unit.

# Thing Configuration

# Thing Configuration for openthermgateway

The openthermgateway bridge is designed to support various ways of connecting to the OpenTherm Gateway device, but currently only supports a TCP socket connection. The configuration settings for the bridge are Hostname/IP address and Port, which are used to connect to the gateway, and an automatic connection retry interval in case the connection to the OpenTherm Gateway device is lost.

Parameter Name Description Required Default
ipaddress Hostname or IP address The hostname or IP address to connect to the OpenTherm Gateway. yes
port Port The port used to connect to the OpenTherm Gateway. yes
connectionRetryInterval Connection Retry Interval The interval in seconds to retry connecting (0 = disabled). yes 60
connectTimeoutSeconds Connect Timeout The maximum time (seconds) to wait for establishing a connection to the gateway. yes 5
readTimeoutSeconds Read Timeout The maximum time (seconds) to wait for reading responses from the gateway. yes 20

# Thing Configuration for boiler and ventilationheatrecovery

The boiler and ventilationheatrecovery things do not require any configuration settings.

# Channels

# Channels for openthermgateway

The openthermgateway bridge supports the following channels:

Channel Type ID Item Type Description Access
sendcommand Text Channel to send commands to the OpenTherm Gateway device W

# Channels for boiler

The boiler thing supports the following channels:

Channel ID Item Type Description Access
roomtemp Number:Temperature Current sensed room temperature R
roomsetpoint Number:Temperature Current room temperature setpoint R
temperaturetemporary Number:Temperature Temporary override room temperature setpoint R/W
temperatureconstant Number:Temperature Constant override room temperature setpoint R/W
controlsetpoint Number:Temperature Central heating water setpoint set at boiler R
controlsetpointrequested Number:Temperature Central heating water setpoint requested by Thermostat R
controlsetpointoverride Number:Temperature Central heating water setpoint configured on OTGW R/W
controlsetpoint2 Number:Temperature Central heating 2 water setpoint set at boiler R
controlsetpoint2requested Number:Temperature Central heating 2 water setpoint requested by Thermostat R
controlsetpoint2override Number:Temperature Central heating 2 water setpoint configured on OTGW R/W
dhwtemp Number:Temperature Domestic hot water temperature R
tdhwset Number:Temperature Domestic hot water temperature setpoint R
overridedhwsetpoint Number:Temperature Domestic hot water temperature setpoint override R/W
flowtemp Number:Temperature Boiler water temperature R
returntemp Number:Temperature Return water temperature R
outsidetemp Number:Temperature Outside temperature R/W
waterpressure Number:Dimensionless Central heating water pressure R
ch_enable Switch Central heating enabled set at boiler R
ch_enablerequested Switch Central heating enabled requested by thermostat R
ch_enableoverride Switch Central heating enabled overridden at OTGW R/W
ch2_enable Switch Central heating 2 enabled set at boiler R
ch2_enablerequested Switch Central heating 2 enabled requested by thermostat R
ch2_enableoverride Switch Central heating 2 enabled overridden at OTGW R/W
ch_mode Switch Central heating active R
dhw_enable Switch Domestic hot water enabled R
dhw_mode Switch Domestic hot water active R
flame Switch Burner active R
modulevel Number:Dimensionless Relative modulation level R
maxrelmdulevel Number:Dimensionless Maximum relative modulation level R
fault Switch Fault indication R
servicerequest Switch Service required R
lockout-reset Switch Lockout-reset enabled R
lowwaterpress Switch Low water pressure fault R
gasflamefault Switch Gas or flame fault R
airpressfault Switch Air pressure fault R
waterovtemp Switch Water over-temperature fault R
oemfaultcode Number:Dimensionless OEM fault code R
diag Switch Diagnostics indication R
unsuccessfulburnerstarts Number:Dimensionless Unsuccessful burner starts R
burnerstarts Number:Dimensionless Burner starts R
chpumpstarts Number:Dimensionless Central heating pump starts R
dhwpvstarts Number:Dimensionless Domestic hot water pump/valve starts R
dhwburnerstarts Number:Dimensionless Domestic hot water burner starts R
burnerhours Number:Time Burner hours R
chpumphours Number:Time Central heating pump hours R
dhwpvhours Number:Time Domestic hot water pump/valve hours R
dhwburnerhours Number:Time Domestic hot water burner hours R
tspnumber Number:Dimensionless Number of transparant slave parameter entries R
tspentry Number:Dimensionless Transparent slave parameter entry R
fhbnumber Number:Dimensionless Number of fault history buffer entries R
fhbentry Number:Dimensionless Fault history buffer entry R

# Channels for ventilationheatrecovery

The ventilationheatrecovery thing supports the following channels:

Channel ID Item Type Description Access
vh_ventilationenable Switch Ventilation enabled R
vh_bypassposition Number:Dimensionless Bypass position R
vh_bypassmode Number:Dimensionless Bypass mode R
vh_freeventilationmode Switch Free ventilation mode R
vh_faultindication Switch Fault indication R
vh_ventilationmode Switch Ventilation mode R
vh_bypassstatus Switch Bypass status R
vh_bypassautomaticstatus Number:Dimensionless Bypass automatic status R
vh_freeventilationstatus Switch Free ventilation status R
vh_filtercheck Switch Filter Check enabled R
vh_diagnosticindication Switch Diagnostic indication R
vh_controlsetpoint Number:Dimensionless Control setpoint R
vh_servicerequest Switch Service request R
vh_exhaustfanfault Switch Exhaust fan fault R
vh_inletfanfault Switch Inlet fan fault R
vh_frostprotection Switch Frost protection R
vh_faultcode Number:Dimensionless Fault code R
vh_diagnosticcode Number:Dimensionless Diagnostic code R
vh_systemtype Number:Dimensionless System type R
vh_bypass Switch Bypass R
vh_speedcontrol Number:Dimensionless Speed control R
vh_memberid Number:Dimensionless Member ID R
vh_openthermversion Number:Dimensionless OpenTherm version R
vh_versiontype Number:Dimensionless Version type R
vh_relativeventilation Number:Dimensionless Relative ventilation position R
vh_relativehumidity Number:Dimensionless Relative humidity exhaust air R
vh_co2level Number:Dimensionless CO2 level exhaust air R
vh_supplyinlettemp Number:Temperature Supply inlet temperature R
vh_supplyoutlettemp Number:Temperature Supply outlet temperature R
vh_exhaustinlettemp Number:Temperature Exhaust inlet temperature R
vh_exhaustoutlettemp Number:Temperature Exhaust outlet temperature R
vh_actualexhaustfanspeed Number:Dimensionless Actual exhaust fan speed R
vh_actualinletfanspeed Number:Dimensionless Actual inlet fan speed R
vh_nominalventenable Switch Nominal ventilation value transfer enabled R
vh_nominalventrw Number:Dimensionless Nominal ventilation value R
vh_nominalventilationvalue Number:Dimensionless Nominal ventilation value R
vh_ventilationsetpoint Number:Dimensionless Ventilation setpoint override R/W
vh_tspnumber Number:Dimensionless Number of transparent slave parameter entries R
vh_tspentry Number:Dimensionless Transparent slave parameter entry R
vh_fhbnumber Number:Dimensionless Number of fault history buffer entries R
vh_fhbentry Number:Dimensionless Fault history buffer entry R

# Transparent Slave Parameters and Fault History Buffer channels

The transparent slave parameters (TSP) and fault history buffer (FHB) use a variable number of entries. The number of entries is determined by a TSP or FHB size message. Channels for TSP and FHB entries are automatically created when a TSP or FHB size message is received. An index number is added to the base channel name to create a unique channel name for each entry.

For example, if a TSP size message is received for a boiler unit (OpenTherm DATA-ID 10) with value 60, then channels tspentry_0 through tspentry_59 will be automatically created and linked to the corresponding TSP entry (OpenTherm DATA-ID 11).

# Using OpenTherm Gateway as a master device

When using OpenTherm with a boiler and a thermostat, the thermostat (master) periodically sends messages to the boiler to request data. The boiler (slave) then sends a response message with the requested data which is then used by the OpenTherm Gateway binding to update the channel values in openHAB.

If you have a setup without a master device requesting data, then the slave device may send fewer or even no OpenTherm mesages at all.

In this case, you can make the OpenTherm Gateway act as a master device by sending Priority Message (PM) commands. With openHAB rules, you can use the sendcommand channel of the openthermgateway bridge to periodically send PM commands to the OpenTherm Gateway.



This will cause the OpenTherm Gateway to send a READ-DATA message to the slave device with DATA-ID 10. If supported, the slave device will respond with a READ-ACK message and the current value.

# Full Example

# demo.things

Bridge openthermgateway:openthermgateway:1 "OpenTherm Gateway" [ ipaddress="", port="8000", connectionRetryInterval=60 ] {
    Thing boiler remeha "Remeha Avanta 28c"
    Thing ventilationheatrecovery brink "Brink Renovent Excellent 300"

# demo.items for openthermgateway

Text SendCommand "Send command channel" { channel="openthermgateway:openthermgateway:1:sendcommand" }

# demo.items for boiler

Number:Temperature RoomTemperature "Room Temperature [%.1f %unit%]" <temperature> { channel="openthermgateway:boiler:1:remeha:roomtemp }
Number:Temperature RoomSetpoint "Room Setpoint [%.1f %unit%]" <temperature> { channel="openthermgateway:boiler:1:remeha:roomsetpoint }
Number:Temperature TemporaryRoomSetpointOverride "Temporary Room Setpoint Override [%.1f %unit%]" <temperature> { channel="openthermgateway:boiler:1:remeha:temperaturetemporary }
Number:Temperature ConstantRoomSetpointOverride "Constant Room Setpoint Override [%.1f %unit%]" <temperature> { channel="openthermgateway:boiler:1:remeha:temperatureconstant }
Number:Temperature ControlSetpoint "Control Setpoint [%.1f %unit%]" <temperature> { channel="openthermgateway:boiler:1:remeha:controlsetpoint }
Number:Temperature ControlSetpointRequested "Control Setpoint Requested [%.1f %unit%]" <temperature> { channel="openthermgateway:boiler:1:remeha:controlsetpointrequested }
Number:Temperature ControlSetpointOverride "Control Setpoint Override [%.1f %unit%]" <temperature> { channel="openthermgateway:boiler:1:remeha:controlsetpointoverride }
Number:Temperature ControlSetpoint2 "Control Setpoint 2 [%.1f %unit%]" <temperature> { channel="openthermgateway:boiler:1:remeha:controlsetpoint2 }
Number:Temperature ControlSetpoint2Requested "Control Setpoint 2 Requested [%.1f %unit%]" <temperature> { channel="openthermgateway:boiler:1:remeha:controlsetpoint2requested }
Number:Temperature ControlSetpoint2Override "Control Setpoint 2 Override [%.1f %unit%]" <temperature> { channel="openthermgateway:boiler:1:remeha:controlsetpoint2override }
Number:Temperature DomesticHotWaterTemperature "Domestic Hot Water Temperature [%.1f %unit%]" <temperature> { channel="openthermgateway:boiler:1:remeha:dhwtemp }
Number:Temperature DomesticHotWaterSetpoint "Domestic Hot Water Setpoint [%.1f %unit%]" <temperature> { channel="openthermgateway:boiler:1:remeha:tdhwset }
Number:Temperature DomesticHotWaterSetpointOverride "Domestic Hot Water Setpoint Override [%.1f %unit%]" <temperature> { channel="openthermgateway:boiler:1:remeha:overridedhwsetpoint }
Number:Temperature BoilerWaterTemperature "Boiler Water Temperature [%.1f %unit%]" <temperature> { channel="openthermgateway:boiler:1:remeha:flowtemp }
Number:Temperature ReturnWaterTemperature "Return Water Temperature [%.1f %unit%]" <temperature> { channel="openthermgateway:boiler:1:remeha:returntemp }
Number:Temperature OutsideTemperature "Outside Temperature [%.1f %unit%]" <temperature> { channel="openthermgateway:boiler:1:remeha:outsidetemp }
Number:Dimensionless CentralHeatingWaterPressure "Central Heating Water Pressure [%.1f bar]" { channel="openthermgateway:boiler:1:remeha:waterpressure }
Switch CentralHeatingEnabled "Central Heating Enabled" <switch> { channel="openthermgateway:boiler:1:remeha:ch_enable }
Switch CentralHeatingEnabledThermostat "Central Heating Enabled Thermostat" <switch> { channel="openthermgateway:boiler:1:remeha:ch_enablerequested }
Switch CentralHeatingOverridden "Central Heating Overridden" <switch> { channel="openthermgateway:boiler:1:remeha:ch_enableoverride }
Switch CentralHeating2Enabled "Central Heating 2 Enabled" <switch> { channel="openthermgateway:boiler:1:remeha:ch2_enable }
Switch CentralHeating2EnabledThermostat "Central Heating 2 Enabled Thermostat" <switch> { channel="openthermgateway:boiler:1:remeha:ch2_enablerequested }
Switch CentralHeating2Overridden "Central Heating 2 Overridden" <switch> { channel="openthermgateway:boiler:1:remeha:ch2_enableoverride }
Switch CentralHeatingActive "Central Heating Active" <switch> { channel="openthermgateway:boiler:1:remeha:ch_mode }
Switch DomesticHotWaterEnabled "Domestic Hot Water Enabled" <switch> { channel="openthermgateway:boiler:1:remeha:dhw_enable }
Switch DomesticHotWaterActive "Domestic Hot Water Active" <switch> { channel="openthermgateway:boiler:1:remeha:dhw_mode }
Switch BurnerActive "Burner Active" <switch> { channel="openthermgateway:boiler:1:remeha:flame }
Number:Dimensionless RelativeModulationLevel "Relative Modulation Level [%.1f %%]" { channel="openthermgateway:boiler:1:remeha:modulevel }
Number:Dimensionless MaximumRelativeModulationLevel "Maximum Relative Modulation Level [%.1f %%]" { channel="openthermgateway:boiler:1:remeha:maxrelmdulevel }
Switch FaultIndication "Fault Indication" <switch> { channel="openthermgateway:boiler:1:remeha:fault }
Switch ServiceRequired "Service Required" <switch> { channel="openthermgateway:boiler:1:remeha:servicerequest }
Switch LockoutResetEnabled "Lockout-Reset Enabled" <switch> { channel="openthermgateway:boiler:1:remeha:lockout-reset }
Switch LowWaterPressureFault "Low Water Pressure Fault" <switch> { channel="openthermgateway:boiler:1:remeha:lowwaterpress }
Switch GasOrFlameFault "Gas Or Flame Fault" <switch> { channel="openthermgateway:boiler:1:remeha:gasflamefault }
Switch AirPressureFault "Air Pressure Fault" <switch> { channel="openthermgateway:boiler:1:remeha:airpressfault }
Switch WaterOverTemperatureFault "Water Over-Temperature Fault" <switch> { channel="openthermgateway:boiler:1:remeha:waterovtemp }
Number:Dimensionless OEMFaultCode "OEM Fault Code" { channel="openthermgateway:boiler:1:remeha:oemfaultcode }
Number:Dimensionless UnsuccessfulBurnerStarts "Unsuccessful Burner Starts" { channel="openthermgateway:boiler:1:remeha:unsuccessfulburnerstarts }
Number:Dimensionless BurnerStarts "Burner Starts" { channel="openthermgateway:boiler:1:remeha:burnerstarts }
Number:Dimensionless CentralHeatingPumpStarts "Central Heating Pump Starts" { channel="openthermgateway:boiler:1:remeha:chpumpstarts }
Number:Dimensionless DomesticHotWaterPump/ValveStarts "Domestic Hot Water Pump/Valve Starts" { channel="openthermgateway:boiler:1:remeha:dhwpvstarts }
Number:Dimensionless DomesticHotWaterBurnerStarts "Domestic Hot Water Burner Starts" { channel="openthermgateway:boiler:1:remeha:dhwburnerstarts }
Number:Time BurnerHours "Burner Hours" { channel="openthermgateway:boiler:1:remeha:burnerhours }
Number:Time CentralHeatingPumpHours "Central Heating Pump Hours" { channel="openthermgateway:boiler:1:remeha:chpumphours }
Number:Time DomesticHotWaterPumpValveHours "Domestic Hot Water Pump/Valve Hours" { channel="openthermgateway:boiler:1:remeha:dhwpvhours }
Number:Time DomesticHotWaterBurnerHours "Domestic Hot Water Burner Hours" { channel="openthermgateway:boiler:1:remeha:dhwburnerhours }
Number:Dimensionless TransparentSlaveParameterNumber "Transparent Slave Parameter Number" { channel="openthermgateway:boiler:1:remeha:tspnumber }
Number:Dimensionless TransparentSlaveParameterEntry "Transparent Slave Parameter Entry" { channel="openthermgateway:boiler:1:remeha:tspentry }
Number:Dimensionless FaultHistoryBufferNumber "Fault History Buffer Number" { channel="openthermgateway:boiler:1:remeha:fhbnumber }
Number:Dimensionless FaultHistoryBufferEntry "Fault History Buffer Entry" { channel="openthermgateway:boiler:1:remeha:fhbentry }

# demo.items for ventilationheatrecovery

Switch VentilationEnabled "Ventilation Enabled" <switch> { channel="openthermgateway:ventilationheatrecovery:1:brink:vh_ventilationenable }
Number:Dimensionless BypassPosition "Bypass Position" { channel="openthermgateway:ventilationheatrecovery:1:brink:vh_bypassposition }
Number:Dimensionless BypassMode "Bypass Mode" { channel="openthermgateway:ventilationheatrecovery:1:brink:vh_bypassmode }
Switch FreeVentilationMode "Free Ventilation Mode" <switch> { channel="openthermgateway:ventilationheatrecovery:1:brink:vh_freeventilationmode }
Switch FaultIndication "Fault Indication" <switch> { channel="openthermgateway:ventilationheatrecovery:1:brink:vh_faultindication }
Switch VentilationMode "Ventilation Mode" <switch> { channel="openthermgateway:ventilationheatrecovery:1:brink:vh_ventilationmode }
Switch BypassStatus "Bypass Status" <switch> { channel="openthermgateway:ventilationheatrecovery:1:brink:vh_bypassstatus }
Number:Dimensionless BypassAutomaticStatus "Bypass Automatic Status" { channel="openthermgateway:ventilationheatrecovery:1:brink:vh_bypassautomaticstatus }
Switch FreeVentilationStatus "Free Ventilation Status" <switch> { channel="openthermgateway:ventilationheatrecovery:1:brink:vh_freeventilationstatus }
Switch FilterCheck "Filter Check" <switch> { channel="openthermgateway:ventilationheatrecovery:1:brink:vh_filtercheck }
Switch DiagnosticIndication "Diagnostic Indication" <switch> { channel="openthermgateway:ventilationheatrecovery:1:brink:vh_diagnosticindication }
Number:Dimensionless ControlSetpoint "Control Setpoint" { channel="openthermgateway:ventilationheatrecovery:1:brink:vh_controlsetpoint }
Switch ServiceRequest "Service Request" <switch> { channel="openthermgateway:ventilationheatrecovery:1:brink:vh_servicerequest }
Switch ExhaustFanFault "Exhaust Fan Fault" <switch> { channel="openthermgateway:ventilationheatrecovery:1:brink:vh_exhaustfanfault }
Switch InletFanFault "Inlet Fan Fault" <switch> { channel="openthermgateway:ventilationheatrecovery:1:brink:vh_inletfanfault }
Switch FrostProtection "Frost Protection" <switch> { channel="openthermgateway:ventilationheatrecovery:1:brink:vh_frostprotection }
Number:Dimensionless FaultCode "Fault Code" { channel="openthermgateway:ventilationheatrecovery:1:brink:vh_faultcode }
Number:Dimensionless DiagnosticCode "Diagnostic Code" { channel="openthermgateway:ventilationheatrecovery:1:brink:vh_diagnosticcode }
Number:Dimensionless SystemType "System Type" { channel="openthermgateway:ventilationheatrecovery:1:brink:vh_systemtype }
Switch Bypass "Bypass" <switch> { channel="openthermgateway:ventilationheatrecovery:1:brink:vh_bypass }
Number:Dimensionless SpeedControl "Speed Control" { channel="openthermgateway:ventilationheatrecovery:1:brink:vh_speedcontrol }
Number:Dimensionless MemberID "Member ID" { channel="openthermgateway:ventilationheatrecovery:1:brink:vh_memberid }
Number:Dimensionless OpenThermVersion "OpenTherm Version" { channel="openthermgateway:ventilationheatrecovery:1:brink:vh_openthermversion }
Number:Dimensionless VersionType "Version Type" { channel="openthermgateway:ventilationheatrecovery:1:brink:vh_versiontype }
Number:Dimensionless RelativeVentilation "Relative Ventilation [%d %%]" { channel="openthermgateway:ventilationheatrecovery:1:brink:vh_relativeventilation }
Number:Dimensionless RelativeHumidity "Relative Humidity [%d %%]" { channel="openthermgateway:ventilationheatrecovery:1:brink:vh_relativehumidity }
Number:Dimensionless CO2Level "CO2 Level [%d ppm]" { channel="openthermgateway:ventilationheatrecovery:1:brink:vh_co2level }
Number:Temperature SupplyInletTemperature "Supply Inlet Temperature [%.1f %unit%]" { channel="openthermgateway:ventilationheatrecovery:1:brink:vh_supplyinlettemp }
Number:Temperature SupplyOutletTemperature "Supply Outlet Temperature [%.1f %unit%]" { channel="openthermgateway:ventilationheatrecovery:1:brink:vh_supplyoutlettemp }
Number:Temperature ExhaustInletTemperature "Exhaust Inlet Temperature [%.1f %unit%]" { channel="openthermgateway:ventilationheatrecovery:1:brink:vh_exhaustinlettemp }
Number:Temperature ExhaustOutletTemperature "Exhaust Outlet Temperature [%.1f %unit%]" { channel="openthermgateway:ventilationheatrecovery:1:brink:vh_exhaustoutlettemp }
Number:Dimensionless ActualExhaustFanSpeed "Actual Exhaust Fan Speed [%d rpm]" { channel="openthermgateway:ventilationheatrecovery:1:brink:vh_actualexhaustfanspeed }
Number:Dimensionless ActualInletFanSpeed "Actual Inlet Fan Speed [%d rpm]" { channel="openthermgateway:ventilationheatrecovery:1:brink:vh_actualinletfanspeed }
Switch NominalVentilationValueTransfer "Nominal Ventilation Value Transfer" <switch> { channel="openthermgateway:ventilationheatrecovery:1:brink:vh_nominalventenable }
Number:Dimensionless NominalVentilationValue "Nominal Ventilation Value" { channel="openthermgateway:ventilationheatrecovery:1:brink:vh_nominalventrw }
Number:Dimensionless NominalVentilationValue "Nominal Ventilation Value [%d %%]" { channel="openthermgateway:ventilationheatrecovery:1:brink:vh_nominalventilationvalue }
Number:Dimensionless VentilationSetpoint "Ventilation Setpoint" { channel="openthermgateway:ventilationheatrecovery:1:brink:vh_ventilationsetpoint }
Number:Dimensionless TransparentSlaveParameterNumber "Transparent Slave Parameter Number" { channel="openthermgateway:ventilationheatrecovery:1:brink:vh_tspnumber }
Number:Dimensionless TransparentSlaveParameterEntry "Transparent Slave Parameter Entry" { channel="openthermgateway:ventilationheatrecovery:1:brink:vh_tspentry }
Number:Dimensionless FaultHistoryBufferNumber "Fault History Buffer Number" { channel="openthermgateway:ventilationheatrecovery:1:brink:vh_fhbnumber }
Number:Dimensionless FaultHistoryBufferEntry "Fault History Buffer Entry" { channel="openthermgateway:ventilationheatrecovery:1:brink:vh_fhbentry }

# demo.sitemap

sitemap demo label="Main Menu" {
    Frame label="Boiler" {
        Text item="RoomTemperature" icon="temperature" label="Room Temperature [%.1f %unit%]"
        Text item="RoomSetpoint" icon="temperature" label="Room Setpoint [%.1f %unit%]"
        Text item="TemporaryRoomSetpointOverride" icon="temperature" label="Temporary Room Setpoint Override [%.1f %unit%]" minValue="0" maxValue="30" step="0.1"
        Text item="ConstantRoomSetpointOverride" icon="temperature" label="Constant Room Setpoint Override [%.1f %unit%]" minValue="0" maxValue="30" step="0.1"
        Text item="ControlSetpoint" icon="temperature" label="Control Setpoint [%.1f %unit%]"
        Text item="ControlSetpointRequested" icon="temperature" label="Control Setpoint Requested [%.1f %unit%]"
        Text item="ControlSetpointOverride" icon="temperature" label="Control Setpoint Override [%.1f %unit%]" minValue="0" maxValue="100" step="0.1"
        Text item="ControlSetpoint2" icon="temperature" label="Control Setpoint 2 [%.1f %unit%]"
        Text item="ControlSetpoint2Requested" icon="temperature" label="Control Setpoint 2 Requested [%.1f %unit%]"
        Text item="ControlSetpoint2Override" icon="temperature" label="Control Setpoint 2 Override [%.1f %unit%]" minValue="0" maxValue="100" step="0.1"
        Text item="DomesticHotWaterTemperature" icon="temperature" label="Domestic Hot Water Temperature [%.1f %unit%]"
        Text item="DomesticHotWaterSetpoint" icon="temperature" label="Domestic Hot Water Setpoint [%.1f %unit%]"
        Text item="DomesticHotWaterSetpointOverride" icon="temperature" label="Domestic Hot Water Setpoint Override [%.1f %unit%]" minValue="0" maxValue="100" step="0.1"
        Text item="BoilerWaterTemperature" icon="temperature" label="Boiler Water Temperature [%.1f %unit%]"
        Text item="ReturnWaterTemperature" icon="temperature" label="Return Water Temperature [%.1f %unit%]"
        Text item="OutsideTemperature" icon="temperature" label="Outside Temperature [%.1f %unit%]" minValue="-40" maxValue="100" step="0.1"
        Text item="CentralHeatingWaterPressure" label="Central Heating Water Pressure [%.1f bar]"
        Switch item="CentralHeatingEnabled" icon="switch" label="Central Heating Enabled"
        Switch item="CentralHeatingEnabledThermostat" icon="switch" label="Central Heating Enabled Thermostat"
        Switch item="CentralHeatingOverridden" icon="switch" label="Central Heating Overridden"
        Switch item="CentralHeating2Enabled" icon="switch" label="Central Heating 2 Enabled"
        Switch item="CentralHeating2EnabledThermostat" icon="switch" label="Central Heating 2 Enabled Thermostat"
        Switch item="CentralHeating2Overridden" icon="switch" label="Central Heating 2 Overridden"
        Switch item="CentralHeatingActive" icon="switch" label="Central Heating Active"
        Switch item="DomesticHotWaterEnabled" icon="switch" label="Domestic Hot Water Enabled"
        Switch item="DomesticHotWaterActive" icon="switch" label="Domestic Hot Water Active"
        Switch item="BurnerActive" icon="switch" label="Burner Active"
        Text item="RelativeModulationLevel" label="Relative Modulation Level [%.1f %%]"
        Text item="MaximumRelativeModulationLevel" label="Maximum Relative Modulation Level [%.1f %%]"
        Switch item="FaultIndication" icon="switch" label="Fault Indication"
        Switch item="ServiceRequired" icon="switch" label="Service Required"
        Switch item="Lockout-ResetEnabled" icon="switch" label="Lockout-Reset Enabled"
        Switch item="LowWaterPressureFault" icon="switch" label="Low Water Pressure Fault"
        Switch item="GasOrFlameFault" icon="switch" label="Gas Or Flame Fault"
        Switch item="AirPressureFault" icon="switch" label="Air Pressure Fault"
        Switch item="WaterOver-TemperatureFault" icon="switch" label="Water Over-Temperature Fault"
        Text item="OEMFaultCode" label="OEM Fault Code"
        Text item="UnsuccessfulBurnerStarts" label="Unsuccessful Burner Starts"
        Text item="BurnerStarts" label="Burner Starts"
        Text item="CentralHeatingPumpStarts" label="Central Heating Pump Starts"
        Text item="DomesticHotWaterPump/ValveStarts" label="Domestic Hot Water Pump/Valve Starts"
        Text item="DomesticHotWaterBurnerStarts" label="Domestic Hot Water Burner Starts"
        Text item="BurnerHours" label="Burner Hours"
        Text item="CentralHeatingPumpHours" label="Central Heating Pump Hours"
        Text item="DomesticHotWaterPumpValveHours" label="Domestic Hot Water Pump/Valve Hours"
        Text item="DomesticHotWaterBurnerHours" label="Domestic Hot Water Burner Hours"
        Text item="TransparentSlaveParameterNumber" label="Transparent Slave Parameter Number"
        Text item="TransparentSlaveParameterEntry" label="Transparent Slave Parameter Entry"
        Text item="FaultHistoryBufferNumber" label="Fault History Buffer Number"
        Text item="FaultHistoryBufferEntry" label="Fault History Buffer Entry"

    Frame label="Ventilation / Heat Recovery" {
        Switch item="VentilationEnabled" icon="switch" label="Ventilation Enabled"
        Text item="BypassPosition" label="Bypass Position"
        Text item="BypassMode" label="Bypass Mode"
        Switch item="FreeVentilationMode" icon="switch" label="Free Ventilation Mode"
        Switch item="FaultIndication" icon="switch" label="Fault Indication"
        Switch item="VentilationMode" icon="switch" label="Ventilation Mode"
        Switch item="BypassStatus" icon="switch" label="Bypass Status"
        Text item="BypassAutomaticStatus" label="Bypass Automatic Status"
        Switch item="FreeVentilationStatus" icon="switch" label="Free Ventilation Status"
        Switch item="FilterCheck" icon="switch" label="Filter Check"
        Switch item="DiagnosticIndication" icon="switch" label="Diagnostic Indication"
        Text item="ControlSetpoint" label="Control Setpoint"
        Switch item="ServiceRequest" icon="switch" label="Service Request"
        Switch item="ExhaustFanFault" icon="switch" label="Exhaust Fan Fault"
        Switch item="InletFanFault" icon="switch" label="Inlet Fan Fault"
        Switch item="FrostProtection" icon="switch" label="Frost Protection"
        Text item="FaultCode" label="Fault Code"
        Text item="DiagnosticCode" label="Diagnostic Code"
        Text item="SystemType" label="System Type"
        Switch item="Bypass" icon="switch" label="Bypass"
        Text item="SpeedControl" label="Speed Control"
        Text item="MemberID" label="Member ID"
        Text item="OpenThermVersion" label="OpenTherm Version"
        Text item="VersionType" label="Version Type"
        Text item="RelativeVentilation" label="Relative Ventilation [%d %%]"
        Text item="RelativeHumidity" label="Relative Humidity [%d %%]"
        Text item="CO2Level" label="CO2 Level [%d ppm]"
        Text item="SupplyInletTemperature" label="Supply Inlet Temperature [%.1f %unit%]"
        Text item="SupplyOutletTemperature" label="Supply Outlet Temperature [%.1f %unit%]"
        Text item="ExhaustInletTemperature" label="Exhaust Inlet Temperature [%.1f %unit%]"
        Text item="ExhaustOutletTemperature" label="Exhaust Outlet Temperature [%.1f %unit%]"
        Text item="ActualExhaustFanSpeed" label="Actual Exhaust Fan Speed [%d rpm]"
        Text item="ActualInletFanSpeed" label="Actual Inlet Fan Speed [%d rpm]"
        Switch item="NominalVentilationValueTransfer" icon="switch" label="Nominal Ventilation Value Transfer"
        Text item="NominalVentilationValue" label="Nominal Ventilation Value"
        Text item="NominalVentilationValue" label="Nominal Ventilation Value [%d %%]"
        Text item="VentilationSetpoint" label="Ventilation Setpoint" minValue="0" maxValue="100" step="1"
        Text item="TransparentSlaveParameterNumber" label="Transparent Slave Parameter Number"
        Text item="TransparentSlaveParameterEntry" label="Transparent Slave Parameter Entry"
        Text item="FaultHistoryBufferNumber" label="Fault History Buffer Number"
        Text item="FaultHistoryBufferEntry" label="Fault History Buffer Entry"

# Migration from Prior Versions of the Binding

Between openHAB v3.2 and v3.3 the structure of Things and Channels was changed. This means that Things and their respective Channels and Items that were created on v3.2 or earlier will no longer function on version v3.3 or later. To be specific the change is as follows..

  • openHAB Versions v3.2 or earlier: There was just one single otgw Thing that combined the functions that communicate with the OpenTherm Gateway together with the functions of the Channels that monitor/control the connected Boiler.

  • openHAB Versions v3.3 or later: The communication functions have been moved to a new openthermgateway Bridge Thing. The connected Boiler functions have been moved to a new boiler Thing. And in addition (if needed) new functions for a connected Ventilation / Heat-Recovery system have been added in a new ventilationheatrecovery Thing.

So if you upgrade your system from openHAB v3.2 (or lower) to v3.3 (or higher), then your Thing and Item definitions must be migrated as shown below..

  • Divide the contents of your old openthermgateway:otgw:yourGatewayId Thing definition into two new parts, namely 1) a new openthermgateway:openthermgateway:yourGatewayId Bridge definition for the OpenTherm Gateway, and 2) a new openthermgateway:boiler:yourGatewayId:yourBoilerId Thing definition for the connected Boiler.

  • Change the channel=".." configuration entries of all your Items from referring to the ThingUID of the old otgw Thing to refer instead to the ThingUID of the respective newly created boiler Thing.

# Old Thing Definition and respective Item Definition (example)

Thing openthermgateway:otgw:yourGatewayId [ ipaddress="", port=8000, connectionRetryInterval=60 ]

Number:Temperature Boiler_DHW_Temperature "Boiler DHW Temperature [%.1f %unit%]" <temperature> {channel="openthermgateway:otgw:yourGatewayId:dhwtemp"}

# New Thing Definition and respective and Item Definition (example)

Bridge openthermgateway:openthermgateway:yourGatewayId "OpenTherm Gateway" @ "Kitchen" [ipaddress="", port=20108, connectionRetryInterval=60] {
    Thing boiler remeha "Boiler" @ "Kitchen"

Number:Temperature Boiler_DHW_Temperature "Boiler DHW Temperature [%.1f %unit%]" <temperature> {channel="openthermgateway:boiler:yourGatewayId:remeha:dhwtemp"}