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# Twitter Binding

The Twitter binding allows your home to Tweet 280 characters at a time. It also supports direct messages and tweeting with media.

# Supported Things

account - Twitter Account.

# Thing Configuration

The Twitter Account Thing requires you to create a Twitter App in the Twitter Developer Page.

Property Default Required Description
consumerKey Yes Consumer API Key
consumerSecret Yes Consumer API Secret
accessToken Yes Access Token
accessTokenSecret Yes Access Token Secret
refresh 30 No Tweet refresh interval in minutes

# Channels

channel type description
lasttweet String This channel provides the Latest Tweet message

# Full Example


Thing twitter:account:sampleaccount [ consumerKey="11111", consumerSecret="22222", accessToken="33333", accessTokenSecret="444444" ]


String sample_tweet   "Latest Tweet: [%s]" { channel="twitter:account:sampleaccount:lasttweet" }

# Rule Action

This binding includes rule actions for sending tweets and direct messages.

  • boolean success = sendTweet(String text)
  • boolean success = sendTweetWithAttachment(String text, String URL)
  • boolean success = sendDirectMessage(String recipientID, String text)


val tweetActions = getActions("twitter","twitter:account:sampleaccount")
val success  = tweetActions.sendTweet("This is A Tweet")
val success2 = tweetActions.sendTweetWithAttachment("This is A Tweet with a Pic", file:///tmp/201601011031.jpg)
val success3 = tweetActions.sendTweetWithAttachment("Windows Picture", "D:\\Test.png" )
val success4 = tweetActions.sendTweetWithAttachment("HTTP Picture", "" )
val success5 = tweetActions.sendDirectMessage("1234567", "Wake Up" )