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# Iammeter Binding

Iammeter (opens new window) provides real-time readings of single-phase (WEM3080, WEM3162) and three-phase (WEM3080T) meters from IAMMETER over Wi-Fi.

# Use of the binding

The Iammeter is exposed as one thing with a number of channels that can be used to read the values for different aspects of your Iammeter devices.

# Setup of the binding

You can add the Iammeter device via the openHAB UI manually.

# Available channels

The following table is taken from the official manual and contains all available channels.

Single-phase energy meter (WEM3080/WEM3162)

Name Unit Description Type
voltage_a V Voltage Number:ElectricPotential
current_a A Current Number:ElectricCurrent
power_a W Active power Number:Power
importenergy_a kWh Energy consumption from gird Number:Energy
exportgrid_a kWh Energy export to grid Number:Energy

Three-phase energy meter (WEM3080T)

Name Unit Description Type
voltage_a V A phase voltage Number:ElectricPotential
current_a A A phase current Number:ElectricCurrent
power_a W A phase active power Number:Power
importenergy_a kWh A phase import energy Number:Energy
exportgrid_a kWh A phase export energy Number:Energy
frequency_a kWh A phase frequency Number:Frequency
pf_a kWh A phase power factor Number
voltage_b V B phase voltage Number:ElectricPotential
current_b A B phase current Number:ElectricCurrent
power_b W B phase active power Number:Power
importenergy_b kWh B phase import energy Number:Energy
exportgrid_b kWh B phase export energy Number:Energy
frequency_b kWh B phase frequency Number:Frequency
pf_b kWh B phase power factor Number
voltage_c V C phase voltage Number:ElectricPotential
current_c A C phase current Number:ElectricCurrent
power_c W C phase active power Number:Power
importenergy_c kWh C phase import energy Number:Energy
exportgrid_c kWh C phase export energy Number:Energy
frequency_c kWh C phase frequency Number:Frequency
pf_c kWh C phase power factor Number

# More information

More information about the Iammeter devices can be found in the Iammeter website (opens new window).