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# Samsung TV Binding

This binding integrates the Samsung TV's (opens new window).

# Supported Things

Samsung TV C (2010), D (2011), E (2012) and F (2013) models should be supported. Also support added for TVs using websocket remote interface (2016+ models) Because Samsung does not publish any documentation about the TV's UPnP interface, there could be differences between different TV models, which could lead to mismatch problems.

Tested TV models:

Model State Notes
KU6519 PARTIAL Supported channels: volume, mute, power, keyCode (at least)
LE40D579 PARTIAL Supported channels: volume, mute, channel, keyCode, sourceName, programTitle, channelName, power
LE40C650 PARTIAL Supported channels: volume, mute, channel, keyCode, brightness, contrast, colorTemperature, power (only power off, unable to power on)
UE40F6500 OK All channels except colorTemperature, programTitle and channelName are working
UE40J6300AU PARTIAL Supported channels: volume, mute, sourceName, power
UE43MU6199 PARTIAL Supported channels: volume, mute, power (at least)
UE46D5700 PARTIAL Supports at my home only commands via the fake remote, no discovery
UE46E5505 OK Initial contribution is done by this model
UE46F6510SS PARTIAL Supported channels: volume, mute, channel (at least)
UE48J5670SU PARTIAL Supported channels: volume, sourceName
UE50MU6179 PARTIAL Supported channels: volume, mute, power, keyCode, channel, sourceApp, url
UE55LS003 PARTIAL Supported channels: volume, mute, sourceApp, url, keyCode, power, artMode
UE58RU7179UXZG PARTIAL Supported channels: volume, mute, power, keyCode (at least)
UN50J5200 PARTIAL Status is retrieved (confirmed power, media title). Operating device seems not working.

# Discovery

The TV's are discovered through UPnP protocol in the local network and all devices are put in the Inbox.

# Binding Configuration

The binding does not require any special configuration.

# Thing Configuration

The Samsung TV Thing requires the host name and port address as a configuration value in order for the binding to know how to access it. Samsung TV publish several UPnP devices and hostname is used to recognize those UPnP devices. Port address is used for remote control emulation protocol. Additionally, a refresh interval can be configured in milliseconds to specify how often TV resources are polled.


Thing samsungtv:tv:livingroom [ hostName="", port=55000, macAddress="78:bd:bc:9f:12:34", refreshInterval=1000 ]

Different ports are used in different models. It may be 55000, 8001 or 8002.

# Channels

TVs support the following channels:

Channel Type ID Item Type Description
volume Dimmer Volume level of the TV.
mute Switch Mute state of the TV.
brightness Dimmer Brightness of the TV picture.
contrast Dimmer Contrast of the TV picture.
sharpness Dimmer Sharpness of the TV picture.
colorTemperature Number Color temperature of the TV picture. Minimum value is 0 and maximum 4.
sourceName String Name of the current source.
sourceId Number Id of the current source.
channel Number Selected TV channel number.
programTitle String Program title of the current channel.
channelName String Name of the current TV channel.
url String Start TV web browser and go the given web page.
stopBrowser Switch Stop TV's web browser and go back to TV mode.
power Switch TV power. Some of the Samsung TV models doesn't allow to set Power ON remotely.
artMode Switch TV art mode for e.g. Samsung The Frame TV's. Only relevant if power=off. If set to on when power=on, the power will be switched off
sourceApp String Currently active App.
keyCode String The key code channel emulates the infrared remote controller and allows to send virtual button presses.


Group   gLivingRoomTV    "Living room TV" <screen>
Dimmer  TV_Volume        "Volume"         <soundvolume>        (gLivingRoomTV)   { channel="samsungtv:tv:livingroom:volume" }
Switch  TV_Mute          "Mute"           <soundvolume_mute>   (gLivingRoomTV)   { channel="samsungtv:tv:livingroom:mute" }
String  TV_SourceName    "Source Name"                         (gLivingRoomTV)   { channel="samsungtv:tv:livingroom:sourceName" }
String  TV_SourceApp     "Source App"                          (gLivingRoomTV)   { channel="samsungtv:tv:livingroom:sourceApp" }
String  TV_ProgramTitle  "Program Title"                       (gLivingRoomTV)   { channel="samsungtv:tv:livingroom:programTitle" }
String  TV_ChannelName   "Channel Name"                        (gLivingRoomTV)   { channel="samsungtv:tv:livingroom:channelName" }
String  TV_KeyCode       "Key Code"                            (gLivingRoomTV)   { channel="samsungtv:tv:livingroom:keyCode" }
Switch  TV_Power         "Power"                               (gLivingRoomTV)   { channel="samsungtv:tv:livingroom:power" }
Switch  TV_ArtMode       "Art Mode"                            (gLivingRoomTV)   { channel="samsungtv:tv:livingroom:artMode" }

# Apps

List of known apps and the respective name that can be passed on to the sourceApp channel. Values are confirmed to work on UE50MU6179.

App Value in sourceApp Description
ARD Mediathek ARD Mediathek German public TV broadcasting app
Browser Internet Built-in WWW browser
Netflix Netflix Netflix App
Prime Video Prime Video Prime Video App
YouTube YouTube YouTube App
ZDF Mediathek ZDF mediathek German public TV broadcasting app

To discover all installed apps names, you can enable the DEBUG log output from the binding to see a list.