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# Bose SoundTouch Binding

This binding supports the Bose SoundTouch multiroom system.

# Supported Things

The following Bose devices are supported:

Name Thing Type
Bose SoundTouch 10 10
Bose SoundTouch 20 20
Bose SoundTouch 30 30
Bose SoundTouch 300 300
Bose Wave SoundTouch Music System IV waveSoundTouchMusicSystemIV
Bose SoundTouch Wireless Link Adapter wirelessLinkAdapter
Bose SoundTouch SA-5 Amplifier sa5Amplifier
Any other Bose SoundTouch device device

# Discovery

Speakers are automatically discovered using mDNS in the local network.

# Binding Configuration

The binding has no configuration options, all configuration is done at Thing level.

# Thing Configuration

All thing types have the same configuration parameters:

Parameter Name Type Required Description
host String Yes The host name or IP address of the device
macAddress String Yes The MAC address of the used interface (format "123456789ABC")
appKey String No An authorization key used to identify the client application

The required properties are set when using discovery. For manual configuration, these values can be found in the Bose smartphone app (Settings -> About -> Device Name). Note that the device might have two MAC addresses, one for ethernet and one for Wifi.

The authorization key is used to identify the client application when using the Notification API. It must be requested from the developer portal.

# Channels

All devices share the same set of channels, while some of them might not be available on all devices.

Channel ID Item Type Description
keyCode String Simulates pushing a remote control button
mute Switch Mutes the sound
notificationsound String Play a notification sound by a given URI
nowPlayingAlbum String Current playing album name
nowPlayingArtist String Current playing artist name
nowPlayingArtwork Image Artwork for the current playing song
nowPlayingDescription String Description to current playing song
nowPlayingGenre String Genre of current playing song
nowPlayingItemName String Visible description shown in display
nowPlayingStationLocation String Location of current playing radio station
nowPlayingStationName String Name of current playing radio station
nowPlayingTrack String Track currently playing
operationMode String Current Operation Mode
playerControl Player Control the Player
power Switch SoundTouch power state
preset Number 1-6 Preset of Soundtouch, >7 Binding Presets
rateEnabled Switch Current source allows rating
saveAsPreset Number A selected presetable item is saved as preset with number >6
skipEnabled Switch Current source allows skipping to next track
skipPreviousEnabled Switch Current source allows scrolling through tracks
volume Dimmer Set or get the volume
bass Number Bass (-9 minimum, 0 maximum)

The notificationsound channel has the following optional configuration parameters:

  • notificationVolume - Desired volume level while playing the notification, it must be between 10 and 70 (inclusive). A value outside this range will result in an error and not play the notification.
  • notificationService - The service providing the notification
  • notificationReason - The reason for the notification
  • notificationMessage - Further details about the notification

The texts for the notification service, reason and message appear on the device display (when available) and the SoundTouch application screen. Upon completion of the notification, the speaker volume returns to its original value. If not present, the notification will play at the existing volume level.

# Full Example


bosesoundtouch:device:demo @ "Living"  [ host="", macAddress="123456789ABC" ]


Switch  Bose1_Power                      "Power: [%s]"          <switch>      { channel="bosesoundtouch:device:demo:power" }
Dimmer  Bose1_Volume                     "Volume: [%d %%]"      <volume>      { channel="bosesoundtouch:device:demo:volume" }
Number  Bose1_Bass                       "Bass: [%d %%]"        <volume>      { channel="bosesoundtouch:device:demo:bass" }
Switch  Bose1_Mute                       "Mute: [%s]"           <volume_mute> { channel="bosesoundtouch:device:demo:mute" }
String  Bose1_OperationMode              "OperationMode: [%s]"  <text>        { channel="bosesoundtouch:device:demo:operationMode" }
String  Bose1_PlayerControl              "Player Control: [%s]" <text>        { channel="bosesoundtouch:device:demo:playerControl" }
Number  Bose1_Preset                     "Preset: [%d]"         <text>        { channel="bosesoundtouch:device:demo:preset" }
Number  Bose1_SaveAsPreset               "Save as Preset: [%d]" <text>        { channel="bosesoundtouch:device:demo:saveAsPreset" }
String  Bose1_KeyCode                    "Key Code: [%s]"       <text>        { channel="bosesoundtouch:device:demo:keyCode" }
Switch  Bose1_RateEnabled                "Rate: [%s]"           <switch>      { channel="bosesoundtouch:device:demo:rateEnabled" }
Switch  Bose1_SkipEnabled                "Skip: [%s]"           <switch>      { channel="bosesoundtouch:device:demo:skipEnabled" }
Switch  Bose1_SkipPreviousEnabled        "SkipPrevious: [%s]"   <switch>      { channel="bosesoundtouch:device:demo:skipPreviousEnabled" }
String  Bose1_nowPlayingAlbum            "Album: [%s]"          <text>        { channel="bosesoundtouch:device:demo:nowPlayingAlbum" }
String  Bose1_nowPlayingArtist           "Artist: [%s]"         <text>        { channel="bosesoundtouch:device:demo:nowPlayingArtist" }
Image   Bose1_nowPlayingArtwork          "Artwork"              <text>        { channel="bosesoundtouch:device:demo:nowPlayingArtwork" }
String  Bose1_nowPlayingDescription      "Description: [%s]"    <text>        { channel="bosesoundtouch:device:demo:nowPlayingDescription" }
String  Bose1_nowPlayingGenre            "Genre: [%s]"          <text>        { channel="bosesoundtouch:device:demo:nowPlayingGenre" }
String  Bose1_nowPlayingItemName         "Playing: [%s]"        <text>        { channel="bosesoundtouch:device:demo:nowPlayingItemName" }
String  Bose1_nowPlayingStationLocation  "Radio Location: [%s]" <text>        { channel="bosesoundtouch:device:demo:nowPlayingStationLocation" }
String  Bose1_nowPlayingStationName      "Radio Name: [%s]"     <text>        { channel="bosesoundtouch:device:demo:nowPlayingStationName" }
String  Bose1_nowPlayingTrack            "Track: [%s]"          <text>        { channel="bosesoundtouch:device:demo:nowPlayingTrack" }


sitemap demo label="Bose Test Items"
 Frame label="Bose 1" {
        Switch item=Bose1_Power
  Slider item=Bose1_Volume
  Text item=Bose1_Bass
  Switch item=Bose1_Mute
  Text item=Bose1_OperationMode
  Text item=Bose1_PlayerControl
  Text item=Bose1_Preset
  Text item=Bose1_SaveAsPreset
  Text item=Bose1_KeyCode
  Text item=Bose1_nowPlayingAlbum
  Text item=Bose1_nowPlayingArtist
  Text item=Bose1_nowPlayingArtwork
  Text item=Bose1_nowPlayingDescription
  Text item=Bose1_nowPlayingGenre
  Text item=Bose1_nowPlayingItemName
  Text item=Bose1_nowPlayingStationLocation
  Text item=Bose1_nowPlayingTrack