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# Jablotron Alarm Binding

This is the binding for Jablotron alarms. (opens new window)

# Supported Things

thing note
bridge the bridge to your Jablonet cloud account
JA-80 the OASIS alarm
JA-100 with the thermometer support
JA-100F without the thermometer support

# Discovery

This binding supports auto discovery. Just manually add a bridge thing and supply login & password to your Jablonet account.

# Binding Configuration

Binding itself doesn't require specific configuration.

# Thing Configuration

thing config parameter name description type
bridge login the login to your Jablonet account mandatory
bridge password the password to your Jablonet account mandatory
bridge refresh the refresh time for all alarm warnings (ALARM, TAMPER triggers and SERVICE state) optional, default=30s
bridge lang the language of the alarm texts optional, default=en
JA-80/JA-100/JA-100F refresh the channels refresh period in seconds optional, default=60s
JA-80/JA-100/JA-100F serviceId the service ID which identifies the alarm mandatory
JA-100/JA-100F code the master code for controlling sections optional

# Channels

thing channel name item type description
bridge N/A N/A the bridge does not expose any channels
JA-80 statusA Switch the status of the A section
JA-80 statusB Switch the status of the AB/B section
JA-80 statusABC Switch the status of the ABC section
JA-80 statusPGX Switch the status of PGX
JA-80 statusPGY Switch the status of PGY
JA-80 command String the channel for sending keyboard codes to the OASIS alarm
JA-80/JA-100/JA-100F lastEvent String the description of the last event
JA-80/JA-100/JA-100F lastEventClass String the class of the last event - e.g. arm, disarm, ...
JA-80/JA-100/JA-100F lastEventInvoker String the invoker of the last event
JA-80/JA-100/JA-100F lastEventTime DateTime the time of the last event
JA-80/JA-100/JA-100F lastCheckTime DateTime the time of the last checking
JA-80/JA-100/JA-100F alarm N/A the alarm trigger, might fire ALARM or TAMPER events
JA-100/JA-100F lastEventSection String the section of the last event
JA-100 state_%nr% String the section %nr% status/control
JA-100 pgm_%nr% Switch the PG switch %nr% status/control
JA-100 thermometer_%nr% Number:Temperature the thermometer %nr% value
JA-100 thermostat_%nr% Number:Temperature the thermostat %nr% value
JA-100F sec-%nr% String the section %nr% status/control
JA-100F pg-%nr% Switch the PG switch %nr% status/control
JA-100F thm-%nr% Number:Temperature the thermometer %nr% value

The state, pgm, thermometer, thermostat, sec and pg channels for the JA-100/JA-100F alarms are dynamically created according to your configuration.

  • The sections are represented by String channels (with possible values "set", "unset", "partialSet" for JA-100 and possible values "ARM", "PARTIAL_ARM" and "DISARM" for JA100-F)

# Full Example

# items file for JA80

String  HouseAlarm "Alarm [%s]" <alarm>
String JablotronCode { channel="jablotron:oasis:8c93a5ed:50139:command", autoupdate="false" }
Switch ArmSectionA "Garage arming" <jablotron> (Alarm) { channel="jablotron:oasis:8c93a5ed:50139:statusA" }
Switch ArmSectionAB "1st floor arming" <jablotron> (Alarm) { channel="jablotron:oasis:8c93a5ed:50139:statusB" }
Switch ArmSectionABC "2nd floor arming" <jablotron> (Alarm) { channel="jablotron:oasis:8c93a5ed:50139:statusABC" }
String LastEvent "Last event code [%s]" <jablotron> { channel="jablotron:oasis:8c93a5ed:50139:lastEvent" }
String LastEventClass "Last event class [%s]" <jablotron> { channel="jablotron:oasis:8c93a5ed:50139:lastEventClass" }
String LastEventInvoker "Last event class [%s]" <jablotron> { channel="jablotron:oasis:8c93a5ed:50139:lastEventInvoker" }
DateTime LastEventTime "Last event [%1$td.%1$tm.%1$tY %1$tR]" <clock> { channel="jablotron:oasis:8c93a5ed:50139:lastEventTime" }
DateTime LastCheckTime "Last check [%1$td.%1$tm.%1$tY %1$tR]" <clock> { channel="jablotron:oasis:8c93a5ed:50139:lastCheckTime" }
Switch ArmControlPGX "PGX" <jablotron> (Alarm) { channel="jablotron:oasis:8c93a5ed:50139:statusPGX" }
Switch ArmControlPGY "PGY" <jablotron> (Alarm) { channel="jablotron:oasis:8c93a5ed:50139:statusPGY" }

# sitemap example for JA80

Text item=HouseAlarm icon="alarm" {
          Switch item=ArmSectionA
          Switch item=ArmSectionAB
          Switch item=ArmSectionABC
          Text item=LastEvent
          Text item=LastEventInvoker
          Text item=LastEventClass
          Text item=LastEventTime
          Text item=LastCheckTime
          Switch item=ArmControlPGX
          Switch item=ArmControlPGY
          Switch item=JablotronCode label="Arm" mappings=[1234=" A ", 2345=" B ", 3456="ABC"]
          Switch item=JablotronCode label="Disarm" mappings=[9876="Disarm"]

# rule example for JA80

rule "Alarm"
  Item ArmSectionA changed or Item ArmSectionAB changed or Item ArmSectionABC changed or 
  System started
   if( ArmSectionA.state == ON || ArmSectionAB.state == ON || ArmSectionABC.state == ON)
   {   postUpdate(HouseAlarm, "partial")  }
   if( ArmSectionA.state == OFF && ArmSectionAB.state == OFF && ArmSectionABC.state == OFF)
   {   postUpdate(HouseAlarm, "disarmed") }
   if( ArmSectionA.state == ON && ArmSectionAB.state == ON && ArmSectionABC.state == ON)
   {   postUpdate(HouseAlarm, "armed")    }

rule "Jablotron alarm trigger"
    Channel "jablotron:oasis:8c93a5ed:50139:alarm" triggered
    logInfo("default.rules", "Jablotron triggered " + receivedEvent.getEvent())