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# MercedesMe Binding

This binding provides similar access to your Mercedes Benz vehicle like the Smartphone App Mercedes Me. For this you need a Mercedes developer account to get data from your vehicles. Setup requires some, time so follow the steps of bridge configuration.

If you face some problems during setup or runtime please have a look into the Troubleshooting section

# Supported Things

Type ID Description
Bridge account Connect your Mercedes Me account
Thing combustion Conventional fuel vehicle
Thing hybrid Fuel vehicle with supporting electric engine
Thing bev Battery electric vehicle

# Bridge Configuration

Bridge needs configuration in order to connect properly to your Mercedes Me Account.

# Pre-Conditions

  • each bridge shall have its own Mercedes Benz Client ID! Don't create several account bridges with the same client id! If this is not the case the tokens won't be stored properly and the authorization is jeopardized!
  • each bridge shall have its own port. It's absolutely necessary to assign a different port for each account bridge. If this is not the case the tokens won't be stored properly and the authorization is jeopardized!

# Bridge Setup

Perform the following steps to obtain the configuration data and perform the authorization flow.

  1. Go to Mercedes Developer Page (opens new window). Login with your Mercedes Me credentials.
  2. Create a project in the console tab (opens new window)
    • Project Name: unique name e.g. openHAB Mercedes Me binding plus Your bridge ID
    • Purpose URL: use link towards this binding description (opens new window)
    • Business Purpose: e.g. Private usage in openHAB Smarthome system
  3. After project is created subscribe to these Mercedes Benz APIs (opens new window) with Add Products button
  4. For all Products perform the same steps
    • Select product
    • Choose Get For Free
    • Choose BYOCAR (Build Your Own Car)
    • Button Confirm
  5. Select the following products
    • Vehicle Status
    • Vehicle Lock Status
    • Pay as you drive insurance
    • Electric Vehicle Status
    • Fuel Status
  6. Optional: Subscribe also to Vehicle images. Select the Basic Trial version. The images will be stored so the API is used just a few times.
  7. Press Subscribe button. Your project should have these product subscriptions
  8. Generate the project credentials
  9. Open in new browser tab your openHAB page. Add a new Thing Mercedes Me Account
  10. Copy paste Client ID , Client Secret and API Key from the Mercedes tab into the openHAB configuration
  11. Check if the registered Mercedes products excluding Vehicle Images are matching exactly with the openHab configuration switches
  12. Create Thing!
  13. The fresh created account has one property callbackUrl. Copy it and paste it in a new browser tab
  14. A simple HTML page is shown including a link towards the Authorization flow - don't click yet. If page isn't shown please adapt IP and port in openHAB configuration with Advanced Options activated
  15. The copied URL needs to be added in your Mercedes project credentials from 8
  16. Now click onto the link from 14. You'll be asked one time if you grant access towards the API. Click OK and authorization is done!

Some supporting screenshots for the setup

# MB Credentials

# MB Product Subscriptions

# openHAB Configuration

# MB Access Request

# Callback page

# Bridge Configuration Parameters

Name Type Description Default Required Advanced
clientId text Mercedes Benz Developer Client ID N/A yes no
clientSecret text Mercedes Benz Developer Client Secret N/A yes no
imageApiKey text Mercedes Benz Developer Image API Key N/A no no
odoScope boolean PayAsYourDrive Insurance true yes no
vehicleScope boolean Vehicle Status true yes no
lockScope boolean Lock status of doors and trunk true yes no
fuelScope boolean Fuel Status true yes no
evScope boolean Electric Vehicle Status true yes no
callbackIP text IP address of your openHAB server auto detect no yes
callbackPort integer Unique port number auto detect no yes

The callbackPort needs to be unique for all created Mercedes Me account things. Otherwise token exchange will be corrupted. Set the advanced options by yourself if you know your IP and Port, otherwise give auto detect a try.

# Thing Configuration

For vehicle images Mercedes Benz Developer offers only a trial version with limited calls. Check in beforehand if your vehicle has some restrictions or even if it's supported at all. Visit Vehicle Image Details (opens new window) in order to check your vehicle capabilities. Visit Image Settings (opens new window) to get more information about For example the EQA doesn't provide night images with background. If your configuration is set this way the API calls are wasted!

See also image channel section for further advise.

Name Type Description Default Required Advanced
vin text Vehicle identification number N/A yes no
refreshInterval integer Refresh interval in minutes 5 yes no
background boolean Vehicle images provided with or without background false no yes
night boolean Vehicle images in night conditions false no yes
cropped boolean Vehicle images in 4:3 instead of 16:9 false no yes
roofOpen boolean Vehicle images with open roof (only Cabriolet) false no yes
format text Vehicle images format (webp or png) webp no yes

For all vehicles you're free to give the tank / battery capacity. Giving these values in configuration the open fuel / charge capacities are reported in the range channels.

Name Type Description Default Required Advanced combustion bev hybrid
batteryCapacity decimal Battery Capacity N/A no no X X
fuelCapacity decimal Fuel Capacity N/A no no X X

# Channels

Channels are separated in groups:

Channel Group ID Description
range Provides mileage, range and charge / fuel levels
doors Details of all doors
windows Current position of windows
lights Interior lights and main light switch
lock Overall lock state of vehicle
location Heading of the vehicle
image Images of your vehicle

# Range

Group name: range All channels read-only

Channel Type Description bev hybrid combustion
mileage Number:Length Total mileage X X X
soc Number:Dimensionless Battery state of charge X X
charged Number:Energy Charged Battery Energy X X
uncharged Number:Energy Uncharged Battery Energy X X
soc Number:Dimensionless Battery state of charge X X
range-electric Number:Length Electric range X X
radius-electric Number:Length Electric radius for map X X
fuel-level Number:Dimensionless Fuel level in percent X X
fuel-remain Number:Volume Reamaining Fuel X X
fuel-open Number:Volume Open Fuel Capacity X X
range-fuel Number:Length Fuel range X X
radius-fuel Number:Length Fuel radius for map X X
range-hybrid Number:Length Hybrid range X
radius-hybrid Number:Length Hybrid radius for map X
last-update DateTime Last range update X X X

Channels with radius are just giving a guess which radius can be reached in a map display.

# Doors

Group name: doors All channels read-only

Channel Type Description
driver-front Contact Driver door
driver-rear Contact Driver door reat
passenger-front Contact Passenger door
passenger-rear Contact Passenger door rear
deck-lid Contact Deck lid
sunroof Number Sun roof (only Cabriolet)
rooftop Number Roof top
last-update DateTime Last doors update

Mapping table sunroof

Number Mapping
0 Closed
1 Open
2 Open Lifting
3 Running
4 Closing
5 Opening
6 Closing

Mapping table rootop

Number Mapping
0 Unlocked
1 Open and locked
2 Closed and locked

# Windows

Group name: windows All channels readonly

Channel Type Description
driver-front Number Driver window
driver-rear Number Driver window rear
passenger-front Number Passenger window
passenger-rear Number Passenger window rear
last-update DateTime Last windows update

Mapping table for all windows

Number Mapping
0 Intermediate
1 Open
2 Closed
3 Airing
4 Intermediate
5 Running

# Lights

Group name: lights All channels read-only

Channel Type Description
interior-front Switch Interior light front
interior-rear Switch Interior light rear
reading-left Switch Reading light left
reading-right Switch Reading light right
light-switch Number Main light switch
last-update DateTime Last lights update

Mapping table light-switch

Number Mapping
0 Auto
1 Headlight
2 Sidelight Left
3 Sidelight Right
4 Parking Light

# Lock

Group name: lock All channels read-only

Channel Type Description
doors Number Lock status all doors
deck-lid Switch Deck lid lock
flap Switch Flap lock
last-update DateTime Last lock update

Mapping table doors

Number Mapping
0 Unlocked
1 Locked Internal
2 Locked External
3 Unlocked Selective

# Location

Group name: location All channels readonly

Channel Type Description
heading Number:Angle Vehicle heading
last-update DateTime Last location update

# Image

Provides exterior and interior images for your specific vehicle. Group name: image

Channel Type Description Write
image-data Raw Vehicle image
image-view text Vehicle image viewpoint X
clear-cache Switch Remove all stored images X

If the imageApiKey in Bridge Configuration Parameters is set the vehicle thing will try to get images. Pay attention to the Advanced Image Configuration Properties before requesting new images. Sending commands towards the image-view channel will change the image. The image-view is providing options to select the available images for your specific vehicle. Images are stored in jsondb so if you requested all images the Mercedes Benz Image API will not be called anymore which is good because you have a restricted amount of calls! If you're not satisfied e.g. you want a background you need to

  1. change the Advanced Image Configuration Properties
  2. Switch clear-cache channel item to ON to clear all images
  3. request them via image-view

# Image View Options

You can access the options either in a rule via YOUR_IMAGE_VIEW_ITEM.getStateDescription().getOptions() or in UI in widget configuration as Action: Command options and as Action Item: YOUR_IMAGE_VIEW_ITEM

# Troubleshooting

# Authorization fails

The configuration of openHAB account thing and the Mercedes Developer project need an extract match regarding

  • MB project credentials vs. clientId clientSecret and callbackUrl
  • MB project subscription of products vs. scope

If you follow the bridge configuration steps both will match. Otherwise you'll receive some error message when clicking the link after opening the callbackUrl in your browser

Most common errors:

  • redirect URL doesn't match: Double check if callbackUrl is really saved correctly in your Mercedes Benz Developer project
  • scope failure: the requested scope doesn't match with the subscribed products.
    • Check openHab configuration switches
    • apply changes if necessary and don't forget to save
    • after these steps refresh the callbackUrl in your browser to apply these changes
    • try a new authorization clicking the link

# Receive no data

Especially after setting the frist Mercedes Benz Developer Project you'll receive no data. It seems that the API isn't filled yet.

# Pre-Condition

  • The Mercedes Me bridge is online = authorization is fine
  • The Mercedes Me thing is online = API calls are fine

# Solution

  • Reduce refreshInterval to 1 minute
  • Go to your vehicle, open doors and windows, turn on lights, drive a bit ...
  • wait until values are providing the right states

# Images

Testing the whole image settings is hard due to the restricted call number towards the Image API.

My personal experience during limited testing

Test Tested OK Not OK Comment
format webp Yes X
format png Yes X Internal Server Error 500 on Mercedes Server side
format jpeg No Not tested due to missing transparency in jpeg format
all options off Yes X
background Yes X
night No Not support by my vehicle
roofOpen No Not support by my vehicle
cropped No Not desired from my side

# Storage

Data is stored in directory %USER_DATA%/jsondb for handling tokens and vehicle images.

With this data the binding is able to operate without new authorization towards Mercedes each startup and reduces the restricted calls towards image API. Also these files are properly stored in your backup (opens new window) e.g. if you perform openhab-cli backup

# Full example

The example is based on a battery electric vehicle. Exchange configuration parameters in the Things section


  • 4711 - your desired bridge id
  • YOUR_CLIENT_ID - Client ID of the Mercedes Developer project
  • YOUR_CLIENT_SECRET - Client Secret of the Mercedes Developer project
  • YOUR_API_KEY - Image API Key of the Mercedes Developer project
  • YOUR_OPENHAB_SERVER_IP - IP address of your openHAB server
  • 8090 - a unique port number - each bridge in your openHAB installation needs to have different port number!


  • eqa - your desired vehicle thing id
  • VEHICLE_VIN - your Vehicle Identification Number

# Things file

Bridge mercedesme:account:4711   "MercedesMe John Doe" [ clientId="YOUR_CLIENT_ID", clientSecret="YOUR_CLIENT_SECRET", imageApiKey="YOUR_API_KEY", callbackIP="YOUR_OPENHAB_SERVER_IP", callbackPort=8092, odoScope=true, vehicleScope=true, lockScope=true, fuelScope=true, evScope=true] {
         Thing bev eqa           "Mercedes EQA"        [ vin="VEHICLE_VIN", refreshInterval=5, background=false, night=false, cropped=false, roofOpen=false, format="webp"]

# Items file

Number:Length           EQA_Mileage                 "Odometer [%d %unit%]"                        {channel="mercedesme:bev:4711:eqa:range#mileage" }                                                                           
Number:Length           EQA_Range                   "Range [%d %unit%]"                           {channel="mercedesme:bev:4711:eqa:range#range-electric"}
Number:Length           EQA_RangeRadius             "Range Radius [%d %unit%]"                    {channel="mercedesme:bev:4711:eqa:range#radius-electric"}   
Number:Dimensionless    EQA_BatterySoc              "Battery Charge [%.1f %%]"                    {channel="mercedesme:bev:4711:eqa:range#soc"}

Contact                 EQA_DriverDoor              "Driver Door [%s]"                            {channel="mercedesme:bev:4711:eqa:doors#driver-front" }
Contact                 EQA_DriverDoorRear          "Driver Door Rear [%s]"                       {channel="mercedesme:bev:4711:eqa:doors#driver-rear" }
Contact                 EQA_PassengerDoor           "Passenger Door [%s]"                         {channel="mercedesme:bev:4711:eqa:doors#passenger-front" }
Contact                 EQA_PassengerDoorRear       "Passenger Door Rear [%s]"                    {channel="mercedesme:bev:4711:eqa:doors#passenger-rear" }
Number                  EQA_Trunk                   "Trunk [%s]"                                  {channel="mercedesme:bev:4711:eqa:doors#deck-lid" }
Number                  EQA_Rooftop                 "Rooftop [%s]"                                {channel="mercedesme:bev:4711:eqa:doors#rooftop" }
Number                  EQA_Sunroof                 "Sunroof [%s]"                                {channel="mercedesme:bev:4711:eqa:doors#sunroof" }

Number                  EQA_DoorLock                "Door Lock [%s]"                              {channel="mercedesme:bev:4711:eqa:lock#doors" }
Switch                  EQA_TrunkLock               "Trunk Lock [%s]"                             {channel="mercedesme:bev:4711:eqa:lock#deck-lid" }
Switch                  EQA_FlapLock                "Charge Flap Lock [%s]"                       {channel="mercedesme:bev:4711:eqa:lock#flap" }

Number                  EQA_DriverWindow            "Driver Window [%s]"                          {channel="mercedesme:bev:4711:eqa:windows#driver-front" }
Number                  EQA_DriverWindowRear        "Driver Window Rear [%s]"                     {channel="mercedesme:bev:4711:eqa:windows#driver-rear" }
Number                  EQA_PassengerWindow         "Passenger Window [%s]"                       {channel="mercedesme:bev:4711:eqa:windows#passenger-front" }
Number                  EQA_PassengerWindowRear     "Passenger Window Rear [%s]"                  {channel="mercedesme:bev:4711:eqa:windows#passenger-rear" }

Number:Angle            EQA_Heading                 "Heading [%.1f %unit%]"                       {channel="mercedesme:bev:4711:eqa:location#heading" }  

Image                   EQA_Image                   "Image"                                       {channel="mercedesme:bev:4711:eqa:image#image-data" }  
String                  EQA_ImageViewport           "Image Viewport [%s]"                         {channel="mercedesme:bev:4711:eqa:image#image-view" }  
Switch                  EQA_ClearCache              "Clear Cache [%s]"                            {channel="mercedesme:bev:4711:eqa:image#clear-cache" }  

Switch                  EQA_InteriorFront           "Interior Front Light [%s]"                   {channel="mercedesme:bev:4711:eqa:lights#interior-front" }  
Switch                  EQA_InteriorRear            "Interior Rear Light [%s]"                    {channel="mercedesme:bev:4711:eqa:lights#interior-rear" }  
Switch                  EQA_ReadingLeft             "Reading Light Left [%s]"                     {channel="mercedesme:bev:4711:eqa:lights#reading-left" }  
Switch                  EQA_ReadingRight            "Reading Light Right [%s]"                    {channel="mercedesme:bev:4711:eqa:lights#reading-right" }  
Number                  EQA_LightSwitch             "Main Light Switch [%s]"                      {channel="mercedesme:bev:4711:eqa:lights#light-switch" }  

# Sitemap

sitemap MB label="Mercedes Benz EQA" {
  Frame label="EQA Image" {
    Image  item=EQA_Image  
  Frame label="Range" {
    Text    item=EQA_Mileage           
    Text    item=EQA_Range             
    Text    item=EQA_RangeRadius     
    Text    item=EQA_BatterySoc        

  Frame label="Door Details" {
    Text      item=EQA_DriverDoor 
    Text      item=EQA_DriverDoorRear   
    Text      item=EQA_PassengerDoor 
    Text      item=EQA_PassengerDoorRear 
    Text      item=EQA_Trunk
    Text      item=EQA_Rooftop
    Text      item=EQA_Sunroof    
    Text      item=EQA_DoorLock
    Text      item=EQA_TrunkLock
    Text      item=EQA_FlapLock

  Frame label="Windows" {
    Text     item=EQA_DriverWindow
    Text     item=EQA_DriverWindowRear 
    Text     item=EQA_PassengerWindow
    Text     item=EQA_PassengerWindowRear
  Frame label="Location" {
    Text    item=EQA_Heading             

  Frame label="Lights" {
    Text       item=EQA_InteriorFront
    Text       item=EQA_InteriorRear
    Text       item=EQA_ReadingLeft
    Text       item=EQA_ReadingRight
    Text       item=EQA_LightSwitch

  Frame label="Image Properties" {
    Selection    item=EQA_ImageViewport
    Switch       item=EQA_ClearCache

# Mercedes Benz Developer

Visit Mercedes Benz Developer (opens new window) to gain more deep information.