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# tplinkrouter Binding

The tplinkrouter Binding allows monitoring and controlling TP-Link routers.

The binding uses a telnet connection to communicate with the router.

At the moment only wifi part is supported and TD-W9970 is the only model tested. This binding may work with other TP-Link router provided that they use the same telnet API.

# Supported Things

This binding provides only the router Thing.

# Thing Configuration

# router Thing Configuration

Name Type Description Default Required Advanced
hostname text Hostname or IP address of the device N/A yes no
port integer Port for telnet connection 23 no no
username text Username to access the router (same as WebUI) N/A yes no
password text Password to access the device (same as WebUI) N/A yes no
refreshInterval integer Interval the device is polled in sec. 60 no yes

# Channels

Channel Type Read/Write Description
wifi#status Switch RW State of the wifi
wifi#ssid String R SSID of the wifi network
wifi#bandwidth String R Bandwidth of the wifi network
wifi#qss Switch RW Quick Security Setup of the wifi network
wifi#secMode String R Security Mode of the wifi network
wifi#authentication String R Authentication Mode of the wifi network
wifi#encryption String R Encryption Mode of the wifi network
wifi#key String R Password of the wifi network

# Full Example

.things configuration file:

Thing tplinkrouter:router:myRouter [hostname="", username="admin", password="myPassword"]

.items configuration file:

Switch Wifi "Wifi" <QualityOfService> {channel="tplinkrouter:router:myRouter:wifi#status", autoupdate="false"}
String WifiSSID "Wifi SSID" <QualityOfService> {channel="tplinkrouter:router:myRouter:wifi#ssid"}
String BandWidth "Wifi Bandwidth" <QualityOfService> {channel="tplinkrouter:router:myRouter:wifi#bandwidth"}
Switch QSS "Wifi QSS" <QualityOfService> {channel="tplinkrouter:router:myRouter:wifi#qss", autoupdate="false"}
String SecMode "Wifi Security Mode" <QualityOfService> {channel="tplinkrouter:router:myRouter:wifi#secMode"}
String Authentication "Wifi Authentication Mode" <QualityOfService> {channel="tplinkrouter:router:myRouter:wifi#authentication"}
String Encryption "Wifi Encryption Mode" <QualityOfService> {channel="tplinkrouter:router:myRouter:wifi#encryption"}