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# Automower Binding

This is the binding for Husqvarna Automower a robotic lawn mowers (opens new window). This binding allows you to integrate, view and control Automower lawn mowers in the openHAB environment.

# Supported Things

bridge: The bridge needs to be configured with credentials and an application key that allows communicating with the Automower Connect API

automower: A single Husqvarna Automower robot

All Husqvarna Automower models with "Automower Connect" should be supported. It was tested only with a Husqvarna Automower 430X and 450X.

# Discovery

Once the bridge is created and configured, OpenHab will automatically discover all Automowers registered on your account.

# Thing Configuration


Keep in mind that the status of the bridge should not be queried too often. According to the Husqvarna documentation not more than 10000 requests per month and application key are allowed. With the default value of 1h this would mean ~720 requests per month for the bridge state


  • mowerId (mandatory): The Id of an automower as used by the Automower Connect Api to identify a mower. This is automatically filled when the thing is discovered
  • pollingInterval (optional): How often the current automower state should be polled in seconds. Default is 10min (600s)

Keep in mind that the status of the Automowers should not be queried too often. According to the Husqvarna documentation, no more than 10000 requests per month and application key are allowed. With the default value of 10min this would mean ~4300 requests per month per single Automower

# Channels

# Status Channels

channel type access mode description
mode String R The current mode (MAIN_AREA, SECONDARY_AREA, HOME, DEMO, UNKNOWN)
last-update DateTime R The time when the automower updated its states
battery Number R The battery state of charge in percent
error-code Number R The current error code
error-timestamp DateTime R The timestamp when the current error occurred
planner-next-start DateTime R The time for the next auto start. If the mower is charging then the value is the estimated time when it will be leaving the charging station. If the mower is about to start now, the value is NULL.
planner-override-action String R The action that overrides current planner operation.
calendar-tasks String R The JSON with the information about Automower planner.

# Command Channels

channel type access mode description
start Number W Starts the automower for a duration
resume_schedule Switch W Resumes the Automower schedule
pause Switch W Pause the Automower
park Number W Park the Automower for a duration
park_until_next_schedule Switch W Park the Automower until next schedule
park_until_further_notice Switch W Park the Automower until further notice.

# Position Channels

These channels hold the last 50 GPS positions recorded by the Automower, thus describing the path it followed. Position 01 is the latest recorded position, the other positions are pushed back, thus removing the previous position 50 from the list because it is replaced by the previous position 49. Channel last-position is always identical with channel position01 and thus provides more convenient access if only the latest GPS information is required by the user.

channel type access mode description
position01 Location R GPS Position 01
position02 Location R GPS Position 02
position03 Location R GPS Position 03
position04 Location R GPS Position 04
position05 Location R GPS Position 05
position06 Location R GPS Position 06
position07 Location R GPS Position 07
position08 Location R GPS Position 08
position09 Location R GPS Position 09
position10 Location R GPS Position 10
position11 Location R GPS Position 11
position12 Location R GPS Position 12
position13 Location R GPS Position 13
position14 Location R GPS Position 14
position15 Location R GPS Position 15
position16 Location R GPS Position 16
position17 Location R GPS Position 17
position18 Location R GPS Position 18
position19 Location R GPS Position 19
position20 Location R GPS Position 20
position21 Location R GPS Position 21
position22 Location R GPS Position 22
position23 Location R GPS Position 23
position24 Location R GPS Position 24
position25 Location R GPS Position 25
position26 Location R GPS Position 26
position27 Location R GPS Position 27
position28 Location R GPS Position 28
position29 Location R GPS Position 29
position30 Location R GPS Position 30
position31 Location R GPS Position 31
position32 Location R GPS Position 32
position33 Location R GPS Position 33
position34 Location R GPS Position 34
position35 Location R GPS Position 35
position36 Location R GPS Position 36
position37 Location R GPS Position 37
position38 Location R GPS Position 38
position39 Location R GPS Position 39
position40 Location R GPS Position 40
position41 Location R GPS Position 41
position42 Location R GPS Position 42
position43 Location R GPS Position 43
position44 Location R GPS Position 44
position45 Location R GPS Position 45
position46 Location R GPS Position 46
position47 Location R GPS Position 47
position48 Location R GPS Position 48
position49 Location R GPS Position 49
position50 Location R GPS Position 50
last-position Location R Last GPS Position (identical with positions#position01)

# Actions

The following actions are available for automowerthings:

action name arguments description
start duration (int) Starts the automower for the given duration (minutes), overriding the schedule
pause - Pauses the automower wherever it is currently located
parkUntilNextSchedule - Parks the automower, fully charges it and starts afterwards according to the schedule
parkUntilFurtherNotice - Parks the automower until it is started again by the start action or the schedule gets resumed
park duration (int) Parks the automower for the given duration (minutes), overriding the schedule
resumeSchedule - Resumes the schedule for the automower

# Full Example

# automower.thing

Bridge automower:bridge:mybridge [ appKey="<your_private_application_key>", userName="<your_username>", password="<your_password>" ] {
    Thing automower myAutomower [ mowerId="<your_id_received_from_discovery>", pollingInterval=3600] {

# automower.items

String Automower_Mode               "Mode [%s]"                   { channel="automower:automower:mybridge:myAutomower:mode" }
String Automower_Activity           "Activity [%s]"               { channel="automower:automower:mybridge:myAutomower:activity" }
String Automower_State              "State [%s]"                  { channel="automower:automower:mybridge:myAutomower:state" }
DateTime Automower_Last_Update      "Last Update"          { channel="automower:automower:mybridge:myAutomower:last-update" }
Number Automower_Battery            "Battery [%d %%]"                { channel="automower:automower:mybridge:myAutomower:battery" }
Number Automower_Error_Code         "Error Code [%d]"             { channel="automower:automower:mybridge:myAutomower:error-code" }
DateTime Automower_Error_Time       "Error Time"             { channel="automower:automower:mybridge:myAutomower:error-timestamp" }
String Automower_Override_Action    "Override Action [%s]"        { channel="automower:automower:mybridge:myAutomower:planner-override-action" }
DateTime Automower_Next_Start_Time  "Next Start Time"        { channel="automower:automower:mybridge:myAutomower:planner-next-start" }
String Automower_Calendar_Tasks     "Planned Tasks [%s]"          { channel="automower:automower:mybridge:myAutomower:calendar-tasks" }

Number Automower_Command_Start               "Start mowing for duration [%d min]"    { channel="automower:automower:mybridge:myAutomower:start" }
Switch Automower_Command_Resume              "Resume the schedule"          { channel="automower:automower:mybridge:myAutomower:resume_schedule" }
Switch Automower_Command_Pause               "Pause the automower"          { channel="automower:automower:mybridge:myAutomower:pause" }
Number Automower_Command_Park                "Park for duration [%d min]"            { channel="automower:automower:mybridge:myAutomower:park" }
Switch Automower_Command_Park_Next_Schedule  "Park until next schedule"     { channel="automower:automower:mybridge:myAutomower:park_until_next_schedule" }
Switch Automower_Command_Park_Notice         "Park until further notice"    { channel="automower:automower:mybridge:myAutomower:park_until_further_notice" }

Location Automower_Last_Position    "Last Position" { channel="automower:automower:mybridge:myAutomower:last-position" }

# automower.sitemap

sitemap demo label="Automower"
    Frame {
        Text        item=Automower_Mode
        Text        item=Automower_Activity
        Text        item=Automower_State
        Text        item=Automower_Last_Update
        Text        item=Automower_Battery
        Text        item=Automower_Error_Code
        Text        item=Automower_Error_Time
        Text        item=Automower_Override_Action
        Text        item=Automower_Next_Start_Time
        Text        item=Automower_Calendar_Tasks

# automower.rule

Example rule that triggers an automower action

rule "AutomowerParkUntilFurtherNotice"
    Item Some_Item changed to ON
    val mowerActions = getActions("automower", "automower:automower:mybridge:myAutomower")