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# Fronius Binding

This binding uses the Fronius Solar API V1 (opens new window) to obtain data from Fronius devices.

It supports Fronius inverters and Fronius Smart Meter. Supports:

  • Fronius Symo
  • Fronius Symo Gen24
  • Fronius Smart Meter 63A
  • Fronius Smart Meter TS 65A-3
  • Fronius Ohmpilot

# Supported Things

Thing Type Description
bridge The Bridge
powerinverter Fronius Galvo, Symo and other Fronius inverters in combination with the Fronius Datamanager 1.0 / 2.0 or Fronius Datalogger. You can add multiple inverters that depend on the same datalogger with different device ids. (Default 1)
meter Fronius Smart Meter. You can add multiple smart meters with different device ids. (The default id = 0)
ohmpilot Fronius Ohmpilot. (The default id = 0)

# Discovery

There is no discovery implemented. You have to create your things manually and specify the hostname or IP address of the Datalogger and the device id.

# Binding Configuration

The binding has no configuration options, all configuration is done at bridge, powerinverter, meter or ohmpilot level.

# Thing Configuration

# Bridge Thing Configuration

Parameter Description
hostname The hostname or IP address of your Fronius Datalogger
refreshInterval Refresh interval in seconds

# Powerinverter Thing Configuration

Parameter Description
deviceId The identifier of your device (Default: 1)

# Meter Thing Configuration

Parameter Description
deviceId The identifier of your smart meter (Default: 0)

# Ohmpilot Thing Configuration

Parameter Description
deviceId The identifier of your ohmpilot (Default: 0)

# Channels

# Channels for powerinverter Thing

Channel ID Item Type Description
inverterdatachannelpac Number:Power AC Power generated
inverterdatachannelpdc Number:Power DC Power calculated from DC voltage * DC current
inverterdatachannelpdc2 Number:Power DC Power 2 calculated from DC voltage 2 * DC current 2
inverterdatachannelpdc3 Number:Power DC Power 3 calculated from DC voltage 3 * DC current 3
inverterdatachannelfac Number:Frequency AC frequency
inverterdatachanneliac Number:ElectricCurrent AC current
inverterdatachannelidc Number:ElectricCurrent DC current
inverterdatachannelidc2 Number:ElectricCurrent DC current 2
inverterdatachannelidc3 Number:ElectricCurrent DC current 3
inverterdatachanneluac Number:ElectricPotential AC voltage
inverterdatachanneludc Number:ElectricPotential DC voltage
inverterdatachanneludc2 Number:ElectricPotential DC voltage 2
inverterdatachanneludc3 Number:ElectricPotential DC voltage 3
inverterdatachanneldayenergy Number:Energy Energy generated on current day
inverterdatachannelyear Number:Energy Energy generated in current year
inverterdatachanneltotal Number:Energy Energy generated overall
inverterdatadevicestatuserrorcode Number Device error code
inverterdatadevicestatusstatuscode Number Device status code
0 - 6 Startup
7 Running
8 Standby
9 Bootloading
10 Error
powerflowchannelpgrid Number:Power Grid Power (+ from grid, - to grid)
powerflowchannelpload Number:Power Load Power (+ generator, - consumer)
powerflowchannelpakku Number:Power Battery Power (+ charge, - discharge)
powerflowchannelppv Number:Power Solar Power (+ production)
powerflowautonomy Number:Dimensionless The current relative autonomy in %
powerflowselfconsumption Number:Dimensionless The current relative self consumption in %
powerflowinverter1power Number:Power Current power of inverter 1, null if not running (+ produce/export, - consume/import)
powerflowinverter1soc Number:Dimensionless Current state of charge of inverter 1 in percent

# Channels for meter Thing

Channel ID Item Type Description
enable Number 1 = enabled, 0 = disabled
location Number 0 = grid interconnection point (primary meter)
1 = load (primary meter)
3 = external generator (secondary meters)(multiple)
256-511 = subloads (secondary meters)(unique). Refer to Fronius Solar API.
currentacphase1 Number:ElectricCurrent AC Current on Phase 1
currentacphase2 Number:ElectricCurrent AC Current on Phase 2
currentacphase3 Number:ElectricCurrent AC Current on Phase 3
voltageacphase1 Number:ElectricPotential AC Voltage on Phase 1
voltageacphase2 Number:ElectricPotential AC Voltage on Phase 2
voltageacphase3 Number:ElectricPotential AC Voltage on Phase 3
powerrealphase1 Number:Power Real Power on Phase 1
powerrealphase2 Number:Power Real Power on Phase 2
powerrealphase3 Number:Power Real Power on Phase 3
powerrealsum Number:Power Real Power summed up
powerfactorphase1 Number Power Factor on Phase 1
powerfactorphase2 Number Power Factor on Phase 2
powerfactorphase3 Number Power Factor on Phase 3
energyrealsumconsumed Number:Energy Real Energy consumed
energyrealsumproduced Number:Energy Real Energy produced

# Channels for ohmpilot Thing

Channel ID Item Type Description
energyrealsumconsumed Number:Energy Real Energy consumed
powerrealsum Number:Power Real Power
temperaturechannel1 Number:Temperature Temperature
errorcode Number Device error code
statecode Number Device state code
0 up and running
1 keep minimum temperature
2 legionella protection
3 critical fault
4 fault
5 boost mode

# Properties

# The meter thing has the following properties:

Property Description
modelId The model name of the meter
serialNumber The serial number of the meter

# The ohmpilot thing has the following property:

Property Description
modelId The model name of the ohmpilot
serialNumber The serial number of the ohmpilot

# Full Example


Bridge fronius:bridge:mybridge [hostname="", refreshInterval=5] {
    Thing powerinverter myinverter [deviceId=1]
    Thing meter mymeter [deviceId=0]
    Thing ohmpilot myohmpilot [deviceId=0]    


Number:Power AC_Power { channel="fronius:powerinverter:mybridge:myinverter:inverterdatachannelpac" }
Number:Energy Day_Energy { channel="fronius:powerinverter:mybridge:myinverter:inverterdatachanneldayenergy" }
Number:Energy Total_Energy { channel="fronius:powerinverter:mybridge:myinverter:inverterdatachanneltotal" }
Number:Energy Year_Energy { channel="fronius:powerinverter:mybridge:myinverter:inverterdatachannelyear" }
Number:Frequency FAC { channel="fronius:powerinverter:mybridge:myinverter:inverterdatachannelfac" }
Number:ElectricCurrent IAC { channel="fronius:powerinverter:mybridge:myinverter:inverterdatachanneliac" }
Number:ElectricCurrent IDC { channel="fronius:powerinverter:mybridge:myinverter:inverterdatachannelidc" }
Number:ElectricPotential UAC { channel="fronius:powerinverter:mybridge:myinverter:inverterdatachanneluac" }
Number:ElectricPotential UDC { channel="fronius:powerinverter:mybridge:myinverter:inverterdatachanneludc" }
Number ErrorCode { channel="fronius:powerinverter:mybridge:myinverter:inverterdatadevicestatuserrorcode" }
Number StatusCode { channel="fronius:powerinverter:mybridge:myinverter:inverterdatadevicestatusstatuscode" }
Number:Power Grid_Power { channel="fronius:powerinverter:mybridge:myinverter:powerflowchannelpgrid" }
Number:Power Load_Power { channel="fronius:powerinverter:mybridge:myinverter:powerflowchannelpload" }
Number:Power Battery_Power { channel="fronius:powerinverter:mybridge:myinverter:powerflowchannelpakku" }
Number:Power Production_Power { channel="fronius:powerinverter:mybridge:myinverter:powerflowchannelppv" }
Number:Dimensionless Power_Autonomy { channel="fronius:powerinverter:mybridge:myinverter:powerflowautonomy" }
Number:Dimensionless Power_SelfConsumption { channel="fronius:powerinverter:mybridge:myinverter:powerflowselfconsumption" }
Number:Power Inverter1_Power { channel="fronius:powerinverter:mybridge:myinverter:powerflowinverter1power" }
Number:Dimensionless Inverter1_SOC { channel="fronius:powerinverter:mybridge:myinverter:powerflowinverter1soc" }

Number Meter_Enable { channel="fronius:meter:mybridge:mymeter:enable" }
Number Meter_Location { channel="fronius:meter:mybridge:mymeter:location" }
Number:ElectricCurrent Meter_CurrentPhase1 { channel="fronius:meter:mybridge:mymeter:currentacphase1" }
Number:ElectricCurrent Meter_CurrentPhase2 { channel="fronius:meter:mybridge:mymeter:currentacphase2" }
Number:ElectricCurrent Meter_CurrentPhase3 { channel="fronius:meter:mybridge:mymeter:currentacphase3" }
Number:Voltage Meter_VoltagePhase1 { channel="fronius:meter:mybridge:mymeter:voltageacphase1" }
Number:Voltage Meter_VoltagePhase2 { channel="fronius:meter:mybridge:mymeter:voltageacphase2" }
Number:Voltage Meter_VoltagePhase3 { channel="fronius:meter:mybridge:mymeter:voltageacphase3" }
Number:Power Meter_PowerPhase1 { channel="fronius:meter:mybridge:mymeter:powerrealphase1" }
Number:Power Meter_PowerPhase2 { channel="fronius:meter:mybridge:mymeter:powerrealphase2" }
Number:Power Meter_PowerPhase3 { channel="fronius:meter:mybridge:mymeter:powerrealphase3" }
Number:Power Meter_PowerSum    { channel="fronius:meter:mybridge:mymeter:powerrealsum" }
Number Meter_PowerFactorPhase1 { channel="fronius:meter:mybridge:mymeter:powerfactorphase1" }
Number Meter_PowerFactorPhase2 { channel="fronius:meter:mybridge:mymeter:powerfactorphase2" }
Number Meter_PowerFactorPhase3 { channel="fronius:meter:mybridge:mymeter:powerfactorphase3" }
Number:Energy Meter_EnergyConsumed { channel="fronius:meter:mybridge:mymeter:energyrealsumconsumed" }
Number:Energy Meter_EnergyProduced { channel="fronius:meter:mybridge:mymeter:energyrealsumproduced" }

Number:Energy Ohmpilot_EnergyConsumed { channel="fronius:ohmpilot:mybridge:myohmpilot:energyrealsumconsumed" }
Number:Power Ohmpilot_PowerSum { channel="fronius:ohmpilot:mybridge:myohmpilot:powerrealsum" }
Number:Temperature Ohmpilot_Temperature { channel="fronius:ohmpilot:mybridge:myohmpilot:temperaturechannel1" }
Number Ohmpilot_State { channel="fronius:ohmpilot:mybridge:myohmpilot:statecode" }
Number Ohmpilot_Errorcode { channel="fronius:ohmpilot:mybridge:myohmpilot:errorcode" }

Note: Make sure to turn on the Night Mode in the Display Settings on the Fronius inverter to keep it from going offline at night.