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# Oppo Blu-ray player Binding

This binding can be used to control the Oppo UDP-203/205 or BDP-83/93/95/103/105 Blu-ray player. Almost all features of the various models of this player line are supported by the binding. This binding was tested on a BDP-103 only, so there might be issues with other models that will need to be fixed. Please report any issues found. Also review the notes below for some important usage caveats.

The binding supports three different kinds of connections:

  • direct IP connection (with caveats),
  • serial connection,
  • serial over IP connection

For users without a serial port on the server side, you can use a USB to serial adapter.

You don't need to have your player device directly connected to your openHAB server. You can connect it for example to a Raspberry Pi and use ser2net Linux tool (opens new window) to make the serial connection available on the LAN (serial over IP).

# Supported Things

There is exactly one supported thing type, which represents the player. It has the player id.

# Discovery

Manually initiated Auto-discovery is supported if the player is accessible on the same IP subnet of the openHAB server. In the Inbox, select Search For Things and then choose the Oppo Blu-ray Player Binding to initiate discovery.

# Binding Configuration

There are no overall binding configuration settings that need to be set. All settings are through thing configuration parameters.

# Thing Configuration

The thing has the following configuration parameters:

Parameter Label Parameter ID Description Accepted values
Player Model model Specifies what model of player is to be controlled by the binding (required). 83, 103, 105, 203, or 205
Address host Host name or IP address of the Oppo player or serial over IP device. host name or ip
Port port Communication port for using serial over IP. Leave blank if using direct IP connection to the player. ip port number
Serial Port serialPort Serial port to use for directly connecting to the Oppo player a comm port name
Verbose Mode verboseMode (Optional) If true, the player will send time updates every second. If set false, the binding polls the player every 10 seconds. Boolean; default false

Some notes:

  • If using direct IP connection on the BDP series (83/93/95/103/105), verbose mode is not supported.

  • For some reason on these models, the unsolicited status update messages are not generated over the IP socket.

  • If fast updates are required on these models, a direct serial or serial over IP connection to the player is required.

  • The UDP-20x series should be fully functional over direct IP connection but this was not able to be tested by the developer.

  • As previously noted, when using verbose mode, the player will send time code messages once per second while playback is ongoing.

  • Be aware that this could cause performance impacts to your openHAB system.

  • In non-verbose (the default), the binding will poll the player every 10 seconds to update play time, track and chapter information instead.

  • In order for the direct IP connection to work while the player is turned off, the Standby Mode setting must be set to "Quick Start" in the Device Setup menu.

  • Likewise if the player is turned off, it may not be discoverable by the Binding's discovery scan.

  • If the player is switched off when the binding first starts up or if power to the player is ever interrupted, up to 30 seconds may elapse before the binding begins to update when the player is switched on.

  • If you experience any issues using the binding, first ensure that the player's firmware is up to date with the latest available version (especially on the older models).

  • For the older models, some of the features in the control API were added after the players were shipped.

  • Available HDMI modes for BDP-83 & BDP-9x: AUTO, SRC, 1080P, 1080I, 720P, SDP, SDI

  • Available HDMI modes for BDP-10x: AUTO, SRC, 4K2K, 1080P, 1080I, 720P, SDP, SDI

  • Available HDMI modes for UDP-20x: AUTO, SRC, UHD_AUTO, UHD24, UHD50, UHD60, 1080P_AUTO, 1080P24, 1080P50, 1080P60, 1080I50, 1080I60, 720P50, 720P60, 567P, 567I, 480P, 480I

  • On Linux, you may get an error stating the serial port cannot be opened when the Oppo binding tries to load.

  • You can get around this by adding the openhab user to the dialout group like this: usermod -a -G dialout openhab.

  • Also on Linux you may have issues with the USB if using two serial USB devices e.g. Oppo and RFXcom.

  • See the general documentation about serial port configuration for more on symlinking the USB ports.

  • Here is an example of ser2net.conf (for ser2net version < 4) you can use to share your serial port /dev/ttyUSB0 on IP port 4444 using ser2net Linux tool (opens new window) (take care, the baud rate is specific to the Oppo player):

4444:raw:0:/dev/ttyUSB0:9600 8DATABITS NONE 1STOPBIT LOCAL
  • Here is an example of ser2net.yaml (for ser2net version >= 4) you can use to share your serial port /dev/ttyUSB0 on IP port 4444 using ser2net Linux tool (opens new window) (take care, the baud rate is specific to the Oppo player):
connection: &conOppo
    accepter: tcp,4444
    enable: on
      kickolduser: true
    connector: serialdev,

# Channels

The following channels are available:

Channel ID Item Type Description
power Switch Turn the power for the player on or off
volume Dimmer Control the volume for the player (0-100%)
mute Switch Mute or unmute the volume on the player
source Number Select the source input for the player (0-6; number of available options varies by model)
play_mode String Indicates the current playback mode of the player (ReadOnly)
control Player Simulate pressing the transport control buttons on the remote control (play/pause/next/previous/rew/ffwd)
time_mode String Sets the time information display mode on the player (T= Title Elapsed, X= Title Remaining, C= Chapter Elapsed, K= Chapter Remaining)
time_display Number:Time The playback time elapsed/remaining in seconds (ReadOnly)
current_title Number The current title or track number playing (ReadOnly)
total_title Number The total number of titles or tracks on the disc (ReadOnly)
current_chapter Number The current chapter number player (ReadOnly)
total_chapter Number The total number of chapters in the current title (ReadOnly)
repeat_mode String Sets the current repeat mode (00-06)
zoom_mode String Sets the current zoom mode (00-12)
disc_type String The current type of disc in the player (ReadOnly)
audio_type String The current audio track type (ReadOnly)
subtitle_type String The current subtitle selected (ReadOnly)
aspect_ratio String The aspect ratio of the current video output [UDP-203/205 only] (ReadOnly)
source_resolution String The video resolution of the content being played (ReadOnly)
output_resolution String The video resolution of the player output (ReadOnly)
3d_indicator String Indicates if the content playing is 2D or 3D (ReadOnly)
osd_position Number Sets the OSD position (0 to 5) [10x models and up]
sub_shift Number Sets the subtitle shift (-10 to 10) [10x models and up] (note more than 5 from 0 throws an error on the BDP103)
hdmi_mode String Sets the current HDMI output mode (options vary by model; see notes above for allowed values)
hdr_mode String Sets current HDR output mode (Auto, On, Off) [UDP-203/205 only]
remote_button String Simulate pressing a button on the remote control (3 letter code; codes can be found in Appendix A below)

# Full Example


// direct IP connection
oppo:player:myoppo "Oppo Blu-ray" [ host="", model=103, verboseMode=false]

// direct serial connection
oppo:player:myoppo "Oppo Blu-ray" [ serialPort="COM5", model=103, verboseMode=true]

// serial over IP connection
oppo:player:myoppo "Oppo Blu-ray" [ host="", port=4444, model=103, verboseMode=true]


Switch oppo_power "Power" { channel="oppo:player:myoppo:power" }
Dimmer oppo_volume "Volume [%d %%]" { channel="oppo:player:myoppo:volume" }
Switch oppo_mute "Mute" { channel="oppo:player:myoppo:mute" }
Number oppo_source "Source Input [%s]" { channel="oppo:player:myoppo:source" }
String oppo_play_mode "Play Mode [%s]" { channel="oppo:player:myoppo:play_mode" }
Player oppo_control "Control" { channel="oppo:player:myoppo:control" }
String oppo_time_mode "Time Mode [%s]" { channel="oppo:player:myoppo:time_mode" }
Number:Time oppo_time_display "Time [JS(secondsformat.js):%s]" { channel="oppo:player:myoppo:time_display" }
Number oppo_current_title "Current Title/Track [%s]" { channel="oppo:player:myoppo:current_title" }
Number oppo_total_title "Total Title/Track [%s]" { channel="oppo:player:myoppo:total_title" }
Number oppo_current_chapter "Current Chapter [%s]" { channel="oppo:player:myoppo:current_chapter" }
Number oppo_total_chapter "Total Chapter [%s]" { channel="oppo:player:myoppo:total_chapter" }
String oppo_repeat_mode "Repeat Mode [%s]" { channel="oppo:player:myoppo:repeat_mode" }
String oppo_zoom_mode "Zoom Mode [%s]" { channel="oppo:player:myoppo:zoom_mode" }
String oppo_disc_type "Disc Type [%s]" { channel="oppo:player:myoppo:disc_type" }
String oppo_audio_type "Audio Type [%s]" { channel="oppo:player:myoppo:audio_type" }
String oppo_subtitle_type "Subtitle Type [%s]" { channel="oppo:player:myoppo:subtitle_type" }
String oppo_aspect_ratio "Aspect Ratio [%s]" { channel="oppo:player:myoppo:aspect_ratio" }
String oppo_source_resolution "Source Resolution [%s]" { channel="oppo:player:myoppo:source_resolution" }
String oppo_output_resolution "Output Resolution [%s]" { channel="oppo:player:myoppo:output_resolution" }
String oppo_3d_indicator "3D/2D Indicator [%s]" { channel="oppo:player:myoppo:3d_indicator" }
Number oppo_osd_position "OSD Position [%s]" { channel="oppo:player:myoppo:osd_position" }
Number oppo_sub_shift "Subtitle Shift [%s]" { channel="oppo:player:myoppo:sub_shift" }
String oppo_hdmi_mode "HDMI Mode [%s]" { channel="oppo:player:myoppo:hdmi_mode" }
String oppo_hdr_mode "HDR Mode [%s]" { channel="oppo:player:myoppo:hdr_mode" }
String oppo_remote_button "Remote Button [%s]" { channel="oppo:player:myoppo:remote_button" }


(function(totalSeconds) {
    if (isNaN(totalSeconds)) {
        return '-';
    } else {
        hours = Math.floor(totalSeconds / 3600);
        totalSeconds %= 3600;
        minutes = Math.floor(totalSeconds / 60);
        seconds = totalSeconds % 60;
        if ( hours < 10 ) {
            hours = '0' + hours;
        if ( minutes < 10 ) {
            minutes = '0' + minutes;
        if ( seconds < 10 ) {
            seconds = '0' + seconds;
        return hours + ':' + minutes + ':' + seconds;


sitemap oppo label="Oppo Blu-ray" {
    Frame label="Player"    {
        Switch item=oppo_power
        // Volume can be a Setpoint also
        Slider item=oppo_volume minValue=0 maxValue=100 step=1 visibility=[oppo_power==ON] icon="soundvolume"
        Switch item=oppo_mute visibility=[oppo_power==ON] icon="soundvolume_mute"
        Selection item=oppo_source visibility=[oppo_power==ON] icon="player"
        Text item=oppo_play_mode visibility=[oppo_power==ON] icon="zoom"
        Default item=oppo_control visibility=[oppo_power==ON]
        Selection item=oppo_time_mode visibility=[oppo_power==ON] icon="time"
        Text item=oppo_time_display visibility=[oppo_power==ON] icon="time"
        Text item=oppo_current_title visibility=[oppo_power==ON] icon="zoom"
        Text item=oppo_total_title visibility=[oppo_power==ON] icon="zoom"
        Text item=oppo_current_chapter visibility=[oppo_power==ON] icon="zoom"
        Text item=oppo_total_chapter visibility=[oppo_power==ON] icon="zoom"
        Selection item=oppo_repeat_mode visibility=[oppo_power==ON] icon="none"
        Selection item=oppo_zoom_mode visibility=[oppo_power==ON] icon="none"
        Text item=oppo_disc_type visibility=[oppo_power==ON] icon="none"
        Text item=oppo_audio_type visibility=[oppo_power==ON] icon="none"
        Text item=oppo_subtitle_type visibility=[oppo_power==ON] icon="none"
        Text item=oppo_aspect_ratio visibility=[oppo_power==ON] icon="none"
        Text item=oppo_source_resolution visibility=[oppo_power==ON] icon="video"
        Text item=oppo_output_resolution visibility=[oppo_power==ON] icon="video"
        Text item=oppo_3d_indicator visibility=[oppo_power==ON] icon="none"
        Setpoint item=oppo_osd_position label="OSD Position [%d]" minValue=0 maxValue=5 step=1 visibility=[oppo_power==ON]
        Setpoint item=oppo_sub_shift label="Sub Title Shift [%d]" minValue=-10 maxValue=10 step=1 visibility=[oppo_power==ON]
        Selection item=oppo_hdmi_mode visibility=[oppo_power==ON] icon="video"
        Selection item=oppo_hdr_mode visibility=[oppo_power==ON] icon="colorwheel"
        Selection item=oppo_remote_button visibility=[oppo_power==ON]

# Appendix A - 'remote_button' codes:

POW Toggle power ON and OFF
SRC Select input source
EJT Open/close the disc tray
PON Discrete on
POF Discrete off
SYS Switch output TV system (PAL/NTSC/MULTI)
DIM Dim front panel display
PUR Pure audio mode (no video)
VUP Increase volume
VDN Decrease volume
MUT Mute/Unmute audio
NU1 Numeric key 1
NU2 Numeric key 2
NU3 Numeric key 3
NU4 Numeric key 4
NU5 Numeric key 5
NU6 Numeric key 6
NU7 Numeric key 7
NU8 Numeric key 8
NU9 Numeric key 9
NU0 Numeric key 0
CLR Clear numeric input
GOT Play from a specified location
HOM Go to Home Menu to select media source
PUP Show previous page
PDN Show next page
OSD Show/hide on-screen display
TTL Show BD top menu or DVD title menu
MNU Show BD pop-up menu or DVD menu
NUP Up Arrow Navigation
NLT Left Arrow Navigation
NRT Right Arrow Navigation
NDN Down Arrow Navigation
SEL ENTER Navigation
SET Enter the player setup menu
RET Return to the previous menu or mode
RED RED Function varies by content
GRN GREEN Function varies by content
BLU BLUE Function varies by content
YLW YELLOW Function varies by content
STP Stop playback
PLA Start playback
PAU Pause playback
PRE Skip to previous
REV Fast reverse play
FWD Fast forward play
NXT Skip to next
AUD Change audio language or channel
SUB Change subtitle language
ANG Change camera angle
ZOM Zoom in/out and adjust aspect ratio
SAP Turn on/off Secondary Audio Program
ATB AB Repeat play the selected section
RPT Repeat play
PIP Show/hide Picture-in-Picture
HDM Switch output resolution
SUH Press and hold the SUBTITLE key. This activates the subtitle shift feature
NFX Stop current playback and start the Netflix application
VDU Stop current playback and start the VUDU application
OPT Show/hide the Option menu
M3D 3D Show/hide the 2D-to-3D Conversion or 3D adjustment menu
SEH Display the Picture Adjustment menu
DRB Display the Darbee Adjustment menu

# Extra buttons on UDP models:

HDR Display the HDR selection menu
INH Show on-screen detailed information
RLH Set resolution to Auto
AVS Display the A/V Sync adjustment menu
GPA Gapless Play. This functions the same as selecting Gapless Play in the Option Menu.