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# VAT Transformation Service

The VAT Transformation Service adds VAT (Value-Added Tax) to a given input amount. The input string must be either an ISO 3166 alpha-2 country code or a percentage, i.e. numerical format.

# Examples

# Display

Number CurrentSpotPrice "Current Spot Price incl. VAT [VAT(12.5):%s]" <price>

# In a Rule

Add Danish VAT to price:

    # Usage as a Profile

    The functionality of this TransformationService can also be used in a Profile on an ItemChannelLink. This is the most powerful usage since VAT will be added without providing any explicit country code, percentage or configuration. To use this, an .items file can be configured as follows:

    Number CurrentSpotPrice "Current Spot Price" <price> { channel="<channelUID>" [profile="transform:VAT"] }

    To override VAT percentage for configured system country:

    Number CurrentSpotPrice "Current Spot Price" <price> { channel="<channelUID>" [profile="transform:VAT", percentage="12.5"] }

    If VAT is not known for the configured country or the provided percentage is invalid, the default is 0%, so the input value will be put into the transformation without any changes.

    Please note: This profile is a one-way transformation, i.e. only values from a device towards the item are changed, the other direction is left untouched.